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Terrell Owens Isn’t Done Just Yet

The popcorn is ready. The question is whether or not the popcorn gets better as it ages.

Terrell Owens is back in the news once again. At least this time it’s not for doing sit-ups in his driveway, calling his quarterback a homo-sexual or another off the field stunt. After the news this week that Owens had ACL surgery in April, there are a couple questions being asked about the high profile wide-receiver.

The first of those questions is whether or not there is an NFL team that would be interested in signing the 37 year old. My response is “why not”. Last season in Cincinnati, Owens nearly had 1,000 yards receiving, along with nine touchdowns in 14 games. I’m not sure how anyone could complain about a number two receiver putting up that kind of stats. So obviously production wouldn’t be a down fall.

Maybe his age would turn people away. Personally, I believe T.O. is in better shape than over half of the receivers under 30 in the league. His training regimen is among the best and no one has ever complained about Owens showing up for anything out of shape. T.O. still has a good 3-4 years left in the tank.

Here’s the negative we all know, his ego. Although I do believe he has begun to realize the past couple years in Buffalo and Cincinnati that if he wants to continue his career he has to at least behave a little better than in the past.

At this point in his career Owens can still be a valuable threat. The question is, where?

Seattle could use a veteran like Owens, but I just can’t see Matt Hasselbeck and T.O. getting along. After applying a franchise tag to Vincent Jackson, it doesn’t look good for Malcom Floyd to stick around San Diego so they could be in the market and Owens could fit in well and really put up some big numbers. Another possibility could be the New York Jets who may be looking for possible replacements for either Braylon Edwards or Santonio Holmes. The bottom line is that I guarantee we see Owens on the field at some point this season. There will be some team who needs a veteran or an injury replacement.

Owens has played for 5 teams over his 14 year career without having much of a problem putting up decent stats

However, if this truly ends up being the end of T.O.’s career, is he hall-of-fame worthy? I see absolutely no reason why he isn’t.

Jerry Rice is the only player to have more touchdowns and reception yards than T.O. Over his 14-year career Owens has averaged 75 catches for 1,101 yards and 10.5 touchdowns. Only five players in NFL history have recorded more than three seasons with at least 75 receptions, 1,101 yards and 10 touchdowns. T.O. averaged that for a decade and a half.

If those stats don’t do it for you, this will. We all know the great hall-of-fame receiver Art Monk. These stats may shock you as much as they did me. T.O. has scored 88 more touchdowns than Monk, has three more seasons with at least 1,200 yards and twice as many Pro Bowls as Monk. Owens also reached double digits in touchdowns seven times; Monk never had more than 9 touchdowns. So if T.O. doesn’t belong, neither does Art Monk.

Really the only argument against Owens’ hall of fame quest is his ego and off the field problems. Wait! Straight from the Pro Football Hall of Fame mission statement; “To honor individuals who have made outstanding contributions to professional football”. That says it right there. You should make the hall of fame based on what you do on the field, not off. T.O.’s on the field performance easily makes him a first ballot hall of famer. If he isn’t when he retires, the Hall of Fame better change its mission statement to include “players with good character”.


Weekly Dose 1-16

I am very excited to announce that the Flag Football League is up on the web. Check it out here: Andy did a great job on it.

The draft has been set for March 20th, and will be broadcast live on our webshow page. It looks like it’s going to be one heck of a time.

We currently have 5 teams, but an advertisement will be posted in the Emery Enterprise in the coming weeks, in case there are some older people wanting in. They won’t be a part of the draft, and will be able to gather their own team.

This looks to be an awesome time and I hope you guys are looking forward to as much as I am!

Anyways, on with the show…

  • The Cincinnati Reds finally signed Joey Votto to a 3 year contract. This really worries me because the Reds controlled him through arbitration the next 3 years anyway. It looks to me like Votto doesn’t want to be here longer than those 3 years, but might as well hold out hope. Maybe Yonder Alonso will be able to fill the void when or if he leaves? I would be a fan of moving Votto to the weak Reds outfield, and bring up Alonso to play 1st, because he can’t sit in AAA any longer, he’s ready.
  • The Bears pulled out the win today. I hate to say I told you so, all you Seahawk enthusiasts, but I told you so. The Seahawks earned the win last week, but to say they were going to win again is just off the map.
  • Again, hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. The Steelers beat the Baltimore Ravens today, and remain my Super Bowl pick.
  • Let’s do it one more time. I said I didn’t think the Patriots had a well-rounded enough team to win the Super Bowl or make it, and today’s loss assured that. However, I did miss the pick by going with the Pats, but the Jets are going down this week anyway. I think.
  • The Packers beat the Falcons, and this assured that the Falcons weren’t as pretty as meets the eye. Many people agreed with me on this one, and it’s conforting knowing we were actually right.
  • The Clippers have won 4 out of their last 5, including impressive wins over the Nuggets, Heat and Lakers. Could they be for real? I don’t think so, even bad teams have winning streaks at random times. However, the Clips are headed in the right direction. Hopefully management doesn’t screw over Blake Griffin by continuing to suck.
  • The Twins have signed Jim Thome to a 1 year deal. This is a great move for the Twins, who could use Thome’s power after a comeback season last year. Low risk, high reward deal.
  • The Man, Albert Pujols, could actually hit the market next summer, setting a deadline for the Cards to resign him by the start of spring training. Boy this could be a shakeup, let’s just hope that the Red Sox or Yankees don’t sign him.

I don’t have much for today, but enjoy it. Or hate it, which seems more likely. Anyways, have fun being cool.

Buy/Sell for 2011

Buys (Players with the best potential to be the top performer of their position next year)

Sam Bradford – Bradford will finish as a top 10 QB in the upcoming year. I can’t see the Rams taking anyone other than a WR in the first round and Justin Blackmon looks like the guy. Jackson is still there to run the ball and a possible Blackmon – Amendola duo bodes well for Bradford.

Arian Foster – Big shocker here. Arian Foster is undoubtedly the top keeper for next year. The whole offense is basically back, and there’s no one vulturing carries away from him. If the Texans can get a couple of defensive players, Foster could be playing well into January next year.

Jamal Charles – I know I guess I’m not really going out on a limb with the first two, with Charles and Foster 1st and 2nd in the league in yards, but, like Foster, Charles won’t have anyone vulturing too many carries away next year with Jones aging. Matt Cassel will also have another year under his belt, thus throwing for more yards, thus getting more red zone and scoring opportunities.

Mike Wallace – Wallace is quickly becoming the Steelers top receiving option as Hines Ward regresses with age. Wallace is an incredible deep threat, 60 catches for 1257 yards and 10 TDs.

Mike Williams (TB) – Josh Freeman was a great QB this year, with the chance to improve to better than that. As he progresses, so is Mike Williams, and I don’t see any obstacles in their path.

Sells (Top bust candidates)

Michael Vick – Vick is easily the top bust candidate as he wore down, down the stretch. In the process, he showed us the old Michael Vick in the final two games he played in. Vick was great in all that he did this year, but he has such a tough time staying healthy, and I can’t trust his passing ability yet.

Michael Turner – He was great for me a couple years ago as a sleeper pick, but he had over 370 carries that year and missed 5 games the following year. Now this year he is back with over 300 carries and a 4.1 ypc average. I’m not so sure he can keep holding up at 30 years of age next year.

Peyton Hillis – Don’t get me wrong, I love Hillis. He’s one of my favorite players in the league. But combine the fact that in his first two years in the league, he has failed to stay healthy for a whole season, with the fact that he’s a bruising back. This year, he made the field for all 16 games, but had multiple injury concerns. He’s sadly the ultimate setup candidate to be a letdown.

Brandon Lloyd – Lloyd has had Orton throwing him the ball most of the year, but with Tebow going full time, I can’t trust him. That, and the fact that he’s been mediocre at best in his already long career, doesn’t bode well for his future prospects.

Jason Witten – Witten also is a player I love, but he had a resurgence this year that people weren’t expecting. Next year he’s 30, which isn’t much of a deal, but Romo will be back and looking more at Dez Bryant, Miles Austin and Roy Williams.

T.O. and Ochocinco Were Not the Problem

I am in rant mode, and for that, I apologize.

There were a lot of things that went wrong with the 2010 Cincinnati Bengals, but I can assure you, Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco weren’t one of them. I get so sick of hearing the first thing out of everybody’s mouth, “T.O. and Ochocinco were too selfish.”

What a load of bologna. Both players fell just short of a 1000 yards, but neither played in all of the games. They’d have been in great shape to get to 1000. Ochocinco, a little smaller chance, finished the season with 14 GP, 831 yards, and 4 TDs. Owens, a sure lock to have finished with 1000, finished also with 14 GP, but got hurt early in week 15 and didn’t return to the game, 983 yards, and 9 TDs.

Ochocinco and T.O. certainly didn’t help matters a whole lot, yelling at Carson Palmer on the sidelines and hosting their own TV show, but I’ll be the first to admit, the Bengals still could’ve gone 12-4 with them. If you want to point fingers, point them at someone else.

As long as you want to point fingers, can we point them at Carson Palmer? Sure, he had 3970 yards, but the 20 picks and 82.4 rating negates that a bunch. Not to mention a bunch of that yardage was in the garbage time.

Maybe you want to look and say, Cedric Benson’s 3.5 ypc did not get it done. The Bengals were good for the worst yards per carry average in the league at 3.6. I would have to go ahead and guess that starts with the offensive line.

Then again, you could always say that the defense simply didn’t improve well enough in order to make this team a winner. They finished middle-of-the-road in all the defensive categories.


How about we combine all those “blames,” throw in the general management *cough* Mike Brown *cough* and we have a total team failure.

However, Bengals fans, don’t lose hope, because the #4 pick is in their laps this year and they have a great chance to improve that horrible pass rush immediately, which in turn helps Leon Hall and Jonathan Joseph showcase their talent as elite corners. One last move the Bengals need to make however, is not resigning Cedric Benson. It’s time to take the next step with Bernard Scott. It’s obvious he has the abilities. They just need to go sign a complement back to split carries with him. It also was pretty obvious that the offense is rolling on all cylinders when he is in.

So let’s just all take a step back, regroup, and muster up all the hope we can for next season. Last I checked, the Bengals were still in Cincinnati, and they will be playing there in 2011 barring the lockout.

Andy’s Divisional Playoff Preview

Ravens vs Steelers:
This game, ultimately is going to come down to who can score touchdowns in the redzone and not have to settle for field goals. Both of these teams have stingy defenses led by stud line-backers Ray Lewis (in my opinion the best lb’er to ever play the game) and the cheap shot James Harrison. These teams are so much alike it is crazy. Both offenses aren’t really “spectacular”, but they make plays when they need to. I think Pittsburgh has the edge on the passing game, and Baltimore has the edge in the running game. Come playoff time, clock-management is huge. Baltimore’s run game is going to tire down the Steelers D. I am taking the Ravens, 20-17.

Packers vs Falcons:
I am not drinking the Atlanta style kool-aid. Yes, they have put together an impressive record in the regular-season. But I just don’t think Matt Ryan is ready to lead this team to the Super Bowl. On the other side, I think Aaron Rodgers is. I have been his biggest critic, mainly because Rodgers has been deemed a top 5 qb and hadn’t even won a playoff game up until last weekend. Green Bay’s rushing attack is starting to mature in the nick of time and I think if they can play the smash-mouth type of game Packer fans have come to love, Atlanta will be lying flat on their backs watching the NFC Championship game at home in a couple weeks. I got GB, 34-24.

Seattle vs Chicago:
Seattle won this match-up back in Week 6 by 3 points. They sacked Jay Cutler 6 times and held him to only 17 completions. Drew Brees was 6-for-6 on his first six play-action attempts on Sunday, throwing for 56 yards, a touchdown and five first downs. On his next eight attempts though, Brees went 5-for-8, picking up just 20 yards and one first down. All three incompletions were broken up by Seahawk defenders. The Seahawks finally started pressuring him and forcing him to make bad passes. Granted he didn’t throw an int, but Jay Cutler will. Here is another interesting fact. Matt Hasselbeck had a passer rating of 55.9 on play-action passes during the regular season, worst among postseason starting quarterbacks and third-worst overall (min. 50 attempts). Hasselbeck was 6-6 for 48 yards and two touchdowns when using the play-fake against the Saints on Saturday (139.6 rating). What does this all mean? A major upset in Chicago. I haven’t been sipping the Windy City kool-aid either, and from what I have heard from The Eric Pedigo Show host Eric Pedigo, neither are Chicago fans. Seattle wins this one and they are one step closer to trying on that glass slipper. Cinderella and Pete Carroll will sleep well Sunday night, as dreams of the NFC Championship game have become a reality. Seattle wins 24-20.

NY Jets vs New England Patriots:
This game has gotten ugly, and its still 4 days away. With all the trash talk, its time to shut up and play. The Jets have the demeanor of a high school team. Talking crap about the other teams plays is only putting up poster board material in New England. And Rex and his foot fettish are in for a rude awakening. I am not real excited for this game because in games like this Tom Brady is at his best. I look for the Pats to deflate the Jets, 40-24.

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