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More Changes on the Way for EE

You probably have noticed there being some major changes to the website recently and there will likely be some more coming. I am currently in the process of switching the web host for the site which will give us much more options. I won’t spoil it all now, but in a few days you’ll see what I mean.


What is Next From EE Sports World? You Decide!

I hope you all are enjoying the projects we have done recently on EE with the NCAA Tourney Previews and the MLB Previews.

We will be unveiling an NBA playoffs preview with Josh Eberley and Mike Pendleton in the near future, as well as an NFL Preview in the fall.

For now, though, we want to know what you think we should do next. Want an article written specifically on something? It could be anything from a player profile to thoughts on NFL’s strict policy on hard hits to a YouTube series.

So let us hear it EE Nation! Give us some suggestions in the comments below, or fill out the form below:

Brandon’s Banter – 2-28

It’s a little late this week and it’ll be a short one, but oh well, here it goes, but first, be sure to return for for our MLB Preview article series, which will have the NL East Preview up tonight.


Now, I’m a pretty smart guy, but even the latest development is a little confusing to me, so I’ll let you read it for yourself: Linkage

In some lesser news, the Redskins dropped Clinton Portis. Portis has sort of been a let down in terms of him not being able to stay on the field. It just adds to the endless list of the poor contracts handed out by Washington.


The Knicks lost to the Cavaliers this week. Make me laugh.

Then they went out and beat the Heat.


Spring Training games started this weekend. The season is drawing near!

And I’m going to leave the rest of this section for the MLB Preview series we have coming up.


Is anyone going to retain the #1 ranking in basketball? Really? Although, it seems like we go through this every season at some point or the other. I think our best bet is that Ohio St. keeps it.


Well, I wasn’t lying. It was going to be short, and maybe even half-***ed. You can fill in the rest. It’s a big week for us, and we need all of your help for the word of mouth.

Brandon’s Banter: ‘Melo Drama, CBA Talks and Alex Tanney

Hello everyone, I hope you all enjoyed the All-Star weekend. I’m not really the biggest NBA fan, but have been trying to get into it this year, and it’s been pretty successful. I thought the NBA put on a good show. Anyways, time to delve into the CBA talks, Melo drama’ and more. I’m going to try a little different format this week so we’re gonna see how it goes.


Carmelo Anthony reportedly has met with the Nets. He was going to talk during the All-Star game until Kobe shut him down. Good job, Kobe. Well done.

I don’t see why we have to have an update each and every second for this guy. Maybe it’s interesting for the fans of the teams involved but no one else cares. Frankly, all I want to know is where he goes when he goes. Now that will be interesting, but until then, please stay out of my life.

The dunk contest was easily the best in recent memory and one of the best all time. Blake Griffin’s dunk over the hood of a car was absurdly overrated, but nonetheless, it was a great dunk contest.

The All-Star game was pretty good too, until they started calling fouls at the 3 point line, then the players would take 5 steps and lay it in and they’d count the basket. I mean, I know this is the NBA, but come on refs, both teams somewhat care about this game, and rightfully so.

Also some sad news. It looks like we could be heading for a lockout not only in the NFL, but the NBA as well for next year.


The NFL entered its 4th straight day of talks in mediation. I don’t know quite how much progress they’re making, but reports are that they’re working hard and have been talking for 4 straight days. Either way you look at it, this has to mean some progress.

Local favorite Chad Greenway got the good ol’ franchise tag slapped on him by the Vikings. That’s too bad, because he can’t make the jump to elite status in Minnesota.

The Lions have to forfeit their 7th round pick and swap 5 round picks with the Kansas City Chiefs for tampering with players under contract. See, Detroit? This is kind of why you suck. You need to cheat to step out of mediocrity and it isn’t even working.


The MLB has some CBA issues of their own. Their deal is up after the season and they need to get a new deal done. Union leader Michael Weiner sounds determined to get a new deal done by the time the current one expires in December, “I know we’re prepared to try to get it done. I’m confident that the ownership is prepared to try to get it done as well. You don’t know until you get to the table.”

Players are reporting all over the league. I’m super excited. I really want this season to get underway.


The top 4 teams fell this week, leaving Duke to leapfrog back into the top spot. I still think Ohio St. is the next best team, however.


Trevor Bayne took home the checkered flag in his first ever Sprint Cup win in his first ever Daytona try in his SECOND ever race. Holy cats. He isn’t even signed on for a full season! The points he earned from this race are going to his Nationwide standings. Bayne has all the makings of becoming the next fan favorite.

Pop Culture

Ok quick question. Have you ever seen Full Metal Jacket? If you like War movies with a little bit of comedy sprinkled in, go and get this movie. Don’t hesitate, just do it. It is easily in my list of 3 favorite movies of all time right next to Glory Road and The Hangover.

Check out the new Linkin Park hit, Burning in the skies, you will not be disappointed.

Remember Uconn qb Johnny McEntee’s trick shot video? I do, and chances are you do too. However, he’s got competition. Check this out and remember, you heard it here first:

Brandon’s Banter 1-13

First off, I would like to say that all the EEFL stories will be at from now on. Actually there is no second anything, let’s begin.

  • I really hope that you guys are all as excited about the MLB this year as I am. I spent 3 hours reading fantasy baseball articles the other night. Oh, that reminds me, we still have some spots open for the EE Sports World fantasy league. So if you want in, let us know.
  • You can be expecting a full MLB preview coming in about two weeks on here. We will be posting a division per day with the final day being the playoff and world series predictions. This will go for approximately seven days, so mark your calendars, we know you don’t want to miss it.
  • Albert Pujols is demanding a 10 year, 300 million dollar offer from the Cards, and they aren’t giving it to him. I have no doubt in my mind that they want to, but they just simply can’t afford it. The top contenders for him are the Rangers, Angels, Dodgers and Cubs. We might actually be staring into the face of reality. This could be Pujols’ last year in a Cards uniform. As long as he doesn’t go to the Cubs, I’m happy.
  • The NFL’s labor agreements have stalled again. Surprise. I know they’re scheduled to meet again in a couple weeks but I wonder if that’ll even happen. It’s so dumb. It’s just a little kids game seeing who is going to give in.
  • My boy Carson Palmer put his house for sale, trying to show people he’s serious about never coming back. Now it’s time for Mike Brown to determine if he’s bluffing or not. Due to Brown’s stubborn nature, he’ll try and call it, especially since he can’t move him until a new CBA is reached NBA.
  • God, I hope the NFL doesn’t go uncapped.
  • Hey everybody, I’d like to remind you all that the Cleveland Cavaliers are indeed still in the NBA. In fact, they won the other night to end their NBA record 26 game losing streak. They beat the Clippers in OT, who seems to be everyone’s favorite team nowadays because of Blake Griffin.
  • The ’Melo trade drama drags on…
  • No really, that’s all I had to say about ‘Melo.
  • The Celtics beat the Heat in a close game today. My pick to win it all is Miami, but after watching that game, I’m not sure they can do it… yet. I just think Ray Allen and co. have a little something left in the tank for one more title.

Ping Pong Tourney!

Miller is hosting a ping pong tourney on March 12th. If you want in, contact us on the forum at Berger, Dmills or AndE. Or you can just talk to us sometime. Anyways, if you want in, let us know and reserve that date on your calendar.

Brandon’s Banter 2-7

Well it’s that time again. Time for some pointless point writing. I invite you all to go sign up for the forum if you haven’t, and help us get it active.

*Edit: Oh, and I almost forgot, if anyone reading this would like to write some fantasy baseball articles, e-mail us at ALSO, we are starting a fantasy baseball league again this year. If you want in, shoot an email to the email I listed. Don’t be shy.*

*Yet another blunder: All of you flag footballers head over to the forum to vote on the preseason awards.*

• Well, the Super Bowl was last night, maybe you heard about it. And of course, along with it, came all the bitching about how bad the halftime show was and how un-funny the commercials were. Nothing ever seems to please people, no matter how good or average they really were. The Black Eyed Peas and the whole halftime show was great. I loved what they did with Sweet Child O’ Mine. Loved it. Newsflash, the Black Eyed Peas are a techno-sounding band. They’re obviously not going to be the best sounding band live, let alone on TV, and playing in front of 90,000 people. I don’t get why half the people in the US have to be so critical and bitch about every little thing the NFL does at the Super Bowl. I also don’t get why people get their hopes up so much for the commercials. Every year people say they suck, like their expecting them to be the best year of ads ever. It doesn’t work that way. There were at least 5 that I laughed out loud for. I’d say that makes for a moderately successful ad campaign. That is all.

• This was a great Super Bowl, filled with mistakes, that went down to the wire. You really can’t ask for much more than that. To read up on the game summary, click here.

• How in the world did Aguilera manage to mess the National Anthem up? Isn’t that the most recited song in the countries’ history? She says she got caught up in the moment, but as a professional, you’re not supposed to let that happen and know how to block it out. However, I doubt she’s performed in front of that big of an audience, at that colossal of an event, so I’ll give her a break. I can honestly say I would most likely screw it up too.

• The NFL started out the day by having ‘an intense’ 2 hour meeting today. I doubt anything gets done, but I’m still interested in reading on the results.

• The Titans promoted their offensive line coach Mike Munchak to the Head Coach position. What’s interesting is that the Titan are the only team he’s ever played or worked for since his entrance in the league in 1982.

• Tom Brady earned the MVP. Well done, sir. Well done.

• The NFL playoffs were much better this year than last. It seemed like 3/4ths of the games last year were absolute blowouts. More games when down to the last or last couple drives.

• The New York Mets owners evidently owe 300 Million dollars for part in the Bernie Madoff scandal. Idiots.

• The Celtics’ Marquis Daniels suffered a scary injury last night. I’d link it but I don’t feel like looking. Anyways, turns out he’ll have to miss a month or two with a bruised spinal cord, so everyone’s fortunate it wasn’t worse.

• The Cavs lost 24 straight games, setting an NBA record. Can’t say it doesn’t surprise me, but I didn’t think they would set the losing streak record.

• Nuggets talks with the Knicks and T-Pups have stalled. Surprise. Bet you didn’t see that one coming. I just want them to get a deal done and get this over with. I mean, we already know that he’s going to end up in New York by next year’s start anyway. The Nuggets would be silly not to get anything in return for him.

• Can anyone beat the Ohio State Buckeyes? I think so. It’s just too hard to go undefeated these days with the equality of talent in college basketball.

Brandon’s Banter 1-31

Yes, I’ve taken a couple days break. Sue me. I was trying so hard to find something to write about, that I almost forgot about my weekly. So without further ado, if you’re still even reading this anyway, I give you this week’s edition of Brandon’s Banter.

• A Pittsburgh-area hospital is wrapping their babies in swaddling… terrible towels? This is just further proof that the NFL rules all, and I’m afraid if they lock out, the US will be in unrest, just like Egypt.

• Maurkice Pouncey isn’t going to play this weekend. Not a shocker, but it really hurts the Steelers, because their offensive line was already mediocre, and they lost their best player and line leader for the game.

• The Steelers are saying that their ‘D’ is physical, not dirty. To tell you the truth, dirty, physical, whatever. It doesn’t matter to me as long as you win games. Both of those attributes will make you the most feared defense in the league, so take your pick.

• Joe Flacco is angry about the firing of his QB coach Jim Zorn. I personally don’t know why they fired him, as Flacco did fine this season. Flacco said this, “Usually when you fire a position coach, it’s because you’re not really happy with how that position did.”

• The Tennessee Titans fired Head Coach Jeff Fisher. That’s too bad, because the bigger problem, Vince Young, is now staying on board. I don’t think this team can win in the near future.

• Packers IR players were complaining that they weren’t going to be included in the team picture, so the team moved the picture date to Friday, instead of the originally planned Tuesday. Make sense, anyone?

• The Orioles have made an offer to DH Vladimir Guerrero. He hit well last season with .300 and 29 homers. The Orioles could be a sleeper pick this season.

• With Morneau and Nathan back for the Twins, I think this team is instantly the AL Central favorite. • Anyone else catching the MLB fever? I am, and I’m so ready for spring training.

• Kevin Durant says Heat forward Chris Bosh is a ‘fake tough guy’. Flippin’ hilarious. Durantula got a technical during the game for some extracurricular activity with Bosh during the game.

• Marcin Gortat is starting to play well. Maybe he’s worth a look in some fantasy leagues? I gave him some consideration, but the lack of consistency in playing time cause me to pass.

• The Cavaliers extended their losing streak to 20 games. I guess what goes around comes around, eh Mr. Gilbert?

• My Warriors got a win against a Deron Williams-less Jazz, snapping a 4-game losing skid. I know nobody cares, but I do.

• Duke lost to St. Johns in a rout. I’m a little surprised, but I expect Duke to pick it up and play championship caliber basketball by the time March Madness rolls around.

• The ACC is down this year. It’s evidenced by UNC being in 1st place. They aren’t that bad, but just not a ranked team.

• Seton Hall and Duquesne are my sleeper picks for the tourney this year. Seton Hall might not make it, but are sure a tourney caliber team with All-American Jeremy Hazell boosting them since his return from injury. The Dukes are currently riding a 10 game winning streak, 7 of which has come in a solid A-10.

Congrats to everyone that was in the flag football league draft last night. It was a lot of fun. Hopefully the season will live up to the expectations, which I think it will. Go Deep Threat!

Why Reggie?

I know this isn’t a brand new issue, but I feel it needs to be addressed. Why is Reggie Bush the guy that the NCAA chose to crucify?

After nearly five years of investigation (if you wanna call it that) the NCAA determined that Bush received improper benefits. Duuuh! Basically, a snitch of a sports agent named Lloyd Lake gave Bush’s parents approximately $290,000 so that they could move in to a new home in a much nicer neighborhood. What’s a kid to do in that situation? Well, we know the answer to that.

The aftermath was USC losing 30 football scholarships, vacating wins (including the ’04 national title), and becoming bowl ineligible for the 2010 and 2011 seasons. So you mean the current players have to pay the price for this? That’s garbage. USC was stripped of their copy of  Bush’s Heisman, and was about to take Reggie’s copy also, but he voluntarily gave it to them in an attempt to move on in his life.

What about O.J. Mayo? Cam Newton? Derrick Rose, or just about any good player that played for John Calipari? These are just a few of the more prominent examples of many over the years.

USC has vacated wins from the ’08 basketball season because of O.J. Mayo. But does anyone really care? The only postseason penalty they received was a self-imposed one, and not from the NCAA.

Derrick Rose was technically an ineligible player the entire year he played for Memphis. The NCAA reported his SAT to be completely invalid (meaning someone else took the test for the sizzling fast “slow” guy). Memphis was forced to vacate their 38 wins and final four appearance from ’08. But was there a loss of scholarships or future postseason eligibility? Nope.

In 1996, while at UMass, Marcus Camby received money, jewelry, and even hookers from two different agents. UMass was forced to vacate their final four appearance for that year. But was Marcus Camby pressured by the NCAA to give up his Naismith Award (nat. p.o.y), or Calipari to give up his coach of the year award? Nope.

There is a good amount of evidence pointing that Cam Newton’s father Cecil Newton accepted several hundred thousand in cash from Auburn. They went on to win the BCS title along with a Heisman for Newton. This situation is still under investigation. But of course, it hasn’t been nearly five years yet! So we can expect this thing to drag on I’m sure. Bush’s parents receiving a decent place to live in cost their son, and his alma mater an unprecidented penalty. Let’s see if the same happens to both Auburn and Cam for the actions of Cecil (cash money millionaire) Newton. Will Gene Chizik still have a job? Or will he more likely take the first chance he gets at leaving for the NFL? -wink, wink

My point? Why should future players like USC’s Matt Barkley pay the price for the mistake of someone in the past? Especially considering that those sanctions had not yet been levied at the time of their commitment. Why do agents such as Lloyd Lake and others still have licenses? They knew very well what they were doing was wrong, and took advantage of teenagers who were in much less fortunate situations. Why does a coach like John Calipari, who has put multiple programs under sanctions still get to coach? Everyone knows that he had knowledge of what was going on at UMass and Memphis, yet he continues to enjoy a 4 million dollar annual salary at Kentucky. It seems to me like the NCAA is more concerned with penalizing the very kids that they make money on than the adults (agents, coaches, directors, etc.) who are supposed to be responsible for upholding the integrity of the NCAA laws. What kind of message is this sending?

EE Update

Hey, Brandon here. Just letting everyone know that the site is making some serious strides, and Andy and I are writing for Xtra Point Football right now. If you get a chance, check it out.

I also will be helping out All 4 Recruits as the days wind down to national signing day. Mike Pendleton runs the show there and will have countless interviews with the top prospects in the nation after they select their school.

As for all you EEFLer’s reading out there, don’t forget to tune in to our ustream page on Sunday at 6 for the pre-draft special or at 6:30 for the actual draft. It’s gonna be fun and there are definitely some surprises in store.

I’d also like to tell anyone that hasn’t done so already, to check out because he really has a great show and has done a lot towards getting our name out there. I really appreciate that.

I’d also like to thank Caleb Parkinson and Josh Eberley for joining our team. They’ve done a great job so far and will continue to do so.

You can expect a plethura of articles to keep coming out and that we try to get our forum going again. It gets so hard to get it going as strong as it was before when you have to start over like we did, but oh well, it’s the way it goes.

It’s been very fun so far, and hopefully we can keep it going. Peace.

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