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Mike Pendleton:

Mike is a co-host with Brandon Berg on the Sports Lab, Founder and Writer for

He has interviewed NFL players: Derrick Williams (Lions), Kerry Rhodes (Cardinals) and Roy Williams (Bengals.)
He also has been quoted on Sporting News for his Arian Foster breakout article and has over 100,000 reads total on his profile.

Caleb Parkinson:

This is Caleb Parkinson here, a.k.a. thepidemic. I am the UFC writer for EE sports, and you will see me writing various sports articles from time to time.

I have absolutely loved cage fighting ever since I first saw tapings of early UFC events that included the likes of Royce Gracie and Dan Severn roughly fifteen years ago. My main childhood loves are football and baseball, and I used to do both quit well until a few injuries took the spark out of my game.

Although I have conflicted opinions about the Bud Selig, David Stern, and Roger Goodell, I still very much enjoy watching and writing about the NFL,MLB, or NBA. The same thing goes for college football; I love the game, but hate the system. If college basketball were to implement a rule of players needing to stay at least three years (instead of one year), then I would care about that game too.

My writing style is often sarcastic, so try not to take yourself or me too seriously when you are reading it. I’m here to entertain, so I truly hope that you enjoy reading my articles.

Josh Eberley: Coming Soon!


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