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Dolphins, Bengals to Meet with Mallett

Ryan Mallett probably has the best arm in the whole draft. However, he has been very difficult to project in terms of where he goes.

The Dolphins plan on meeting with Mallett this week for evaluating, then bringing him in for workouts on April 14-15. After that, the Bengals are going to bring him in for a two day workout also.

Mallett has been projected to go as high as a top five pick to as low and a second round pick.

AP Photo/Brett Flashnick

The Dolphins have had some uncertainty about their quarterback position after the inconsistent play from Chad Henne last year. Whether they take a QB in the first round is better determined by flipping a coin.

The Bengals originally took the ignorant route to Carson Palmer’s trade demands by saying that wouldn’t entertain any offers. However, now they are changing direction and it looks like they will trade Palmer to a new team prior to next season.

I don’t think they will take Mallett with their first pick, though. They seem more likely to take Auburn QB, Cam Newton.


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