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The Selection Process is Jacked Up

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Why in the world is there only a couple guys on the selection committee that actually know basketball?

I mean, I can see them wanting an outside source to come in and not play favorites, but I mean, come on. I’m not usually one to complain over teams that didn’t make the tourney, but Colorado got jipped big time.

A line needs to be drawn.

Obviously, Colorado isn’t going to win the National Championship and probably would be lucky to win one game, but contracts, recruiting and coaches’ job security is all affected by this.

It’s not simply putting teams in there that you think could win, it’s about getting the teams that deserve in, in. Let me tell you, Colorado deserved in.

I guess I know 21-13 isn’t a very great record, but the teams they have beaten should’ve vaulted them into a tourney spot (K-State three times, Texas and Missouri.) Maybe they should’ve left, oh, say VCU out, someone who doesn’t have an RPI top 50 win? That’s just naming one team, not mentioning Clemson or UAB.

Either way you look at it, people are going to be snubbed each year. I don’t understand why people thought there would be no more complaining, when all they did is move the bar down a little bit to get a bid to the big dance. There still are going to be teams deemed as snubs no matter how much farther you go.

Dick Vitale brought up a very intriguing thought last night on ESPN. He thought there should be a selection committee commissioner. He also thought it should be Jay Bilas.

Now I don’t know if it should be Bilas or anything, but I like the idea. Bring in a basketball minded commissioner to set everything straight.

Couldn’t make it any worse, right?


One response to “The Selection Process is Jacked Up

  1. dmills14 March 14, 2011 at 11:42 am

    I agree with this 100%. VCU should not be in the dance, Colorado should. They deserve a chance a heck of a lot more than VCU does, IMO.

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