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Brandon Davies & BYU: What About The Past?

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As March Madness turns the corner and teams prepare to join the dance, there are a lot of new teams that find

themselves among the top, and many surprising teams who have knocked down the powerhouses.

Leading the way among the new teams reaching the top are BYU and San Diego St, and in both head-to-head matchups with these two teams, BYU has come out on top. While one of the most surprising teams this year has been, St John’s who has knocked off the likes of Duke, Pittsburgh, Georgetown, and Villanova while catching the attention of college basketball fans across the country.

While we’ve all heard of BYU and San Diego St’s Cinderella’s season, on a player aspect we’ve mainly heard of the NCAA’s scoring leader, Jimmer Fredette, who just so happens to play for BYU.

While Fredette has been BYU’s leadman, he’s also had another big time player beside him in Brandon Davies. Davies a sophomore, averaged eleven points and six rebounds a game this season. Davies has not only helped Fredette rise but has also been a main factor in helping BYU reach a top five spot in the rankings, before losing to New Mexico.

Davies, was dismissed from the team due to an honor code violation in which he had premarital sex with his girlfriend, which is against the Mormon faith, BYU, is a Mormon-based university. After the loss to New Mexico, in which Davies did not play, BYU fell to the number eight spot in the rankings and lost BYU’s hope of a #1 seed.

While all students and student athletes do sign an honor code before attending BYU, religion and sports should never mix together. BYU should run its program by university standards but they should not effect a student-athlete’s athletic career. It is right to honor you school but how strict should the code be? Davies has already been dismissed from the basketball team, yet he is still fighting to remain a student at BYU.

The honor code has effected not only Davies but it has also hurt the BYU basketball program, and while blame is to be on Davies, is this honor code to much?

During the time in which BYU is recruiting a student-athlete one must feel that the honor code is brought to the student’s attention.  If it has been presented is BYU at a disadvantage when scouting players? Davies is not the first ever NCAA student-athlete to violate his school’s honor code and he certainly should have been aware of the consequences that would lie ahead.

NFL player Tim Tebow, who is very strong in his faith and NBA star Amar’e Stoudemire who has taken time out of his life to learn about other faith practices have both came out and said it best when defending Davies saying “a young kid in that situation deserves a second chance.”

While BYU heads to the dance, Davies heads to find about his future at BYU. Sports and religion should not be mixed, but a school still deserves to have an honor code, a certain line should be made.

BYU won their MWC championship, and BYU coach Dave Rose broke the school’s ruling of Davies not be allowing to represent the team, when he allowed Davies to cut down the net after the Cougars’ championship win.

As Rose gave hope to Davies coming back next season, BYU fans cheered, as they should. A young student-athlete who has violated an honor code, should be given a second chance, for his own honor.


One response to “Brandon Davies & BYU: What About The Past?

  1. berger987 March 9, 2011 at 11:26 am

    While I don’t agree with the morman faith and don’t agree with their ruling, it is the school’s decision, and the school rules all. BYU doesn’t play to have a great athletic program, but instead are educating for a MORMAN school. Davies knew coming in that he had to follow the honor code, as well as any other student that attends the school. I guess all we can do is feel sorry for davies and hope he gets reinstated next year.

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