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Player Profile: Yadier Molina

AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

Yadier Molina was a tale of two players last year. In the first half of the season, he hit .223/.301/.294. In the second half, he hit .315/.368/.405. His end of the season splits ended up at .262/.329/.342. The big question arises. Which Molina will show up this year?

In the first half of last season, he was practically unusable. In the second half, he was a pretty solid option at catcher.

In 2008 and 2009, he was good for a .298/.353/.388 split. It’s pretty good numbers for a catcher, mesh that with the 55 RBI and 6 HR he produced, and he was a lower end starting catcher.

It only seemed fitting that he was going to put up similar numbers in 2010, right? Wrong.

The thing to remember about Molina is that he’s 28 years old and he’s a perennial gold glover (won it last 3 years in a row), meaning he isn’t going to lose many at-bats to anybody even if he struggles. If last year’s any indication, wait out the cold streak and ride the hot one.

Molina seems poised for a rebound year and isn’t getting drafted in half of the standard ESPN fantasy leagues, making him a solid late round draft pick or early waiver wire pick-up.

Said with confidence, I will be adding Molina to my fantasy teams this year.

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One response to “Player Profile: Yadier Molina

  1. thepidemic March 7, 2011 at 12:26 pm

    Great choice for a profile. This guy’s defense has been elite for the past few years, and he’s relatively average offensively. Although he’s usually at his best with runners on. What else could we really ask for from a catcher?

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