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No More Flame: Heat Show True Colors After Letdown Vs Orlando

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When LeBron James was announcing his decision millions gathered on ESPN to watch, and James announced live on ESPN as we all know that he would be teaming up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh on the Miami Heat.

That’s when everything started, the predictions the NBA title talk, the NBA’s best-ever record, all the hype was filled to Miami.  While the season started off great for the Heat, things in the past couple of months have gotten chippy.

With last second shot attempts missed by LeBron in games vs Chicago and a reamped Knicks team this past week, the doubters have now filled in just like the pre-season hype.

There is no doubting the Heat’s talent, including recent pickup, Mike Bibby to stabilize the point guard position but the questions come about team leadership, work ethic, and what is the reason the Heat have been falling to the top teams in the Eastern conference?

With the battle of Florida taking place between the Heat and the Magic, Miami looked to bounce back after their loss at home to the Knicks, while the Magic were looking for redemption after the Heat beat them earlier in the season.

The Heat came into the game on fire (no pun intended) and seemed to be coasting to a victory, until the Magic went bombs away. With six of them coming from Jason Richardson, the Magic went 16-29 from the perimeter while the Heat went 3-17. Dwight Howard had another double-double for the Magic while LeBron scored 29 points for the Heat and Wade had 28, respectively.

That is now three big time losses in a week’s time for the Heat all against top Eastern Conference teams (Chicago, New York, and Orlando) and problems must be fixed. With under ten seconds left in the game, Chris Bosh fired up a three, and the ball was tipped out to LeBron who heaved a desperation three as time expired and missed.

The Magic show true toughness, grinding it out, just over a week since Dwight has called his team out and their desire to win. Nothing more was shown that the depth of their team, and the chemistry led them to this come-from-behind victory against a Miami team who face many questions and concerns from those in the basketball world.

The lack of a true point guard was “filled” with Mike Bibby, but the Heat still lack that true  big center to hold the paint down, which would allow Chris Bosh to play his game.

The Heat must get it together if they want the NBA title this year, and with more teams around the league looking to get stronger, nothing is promised for Miami and their “Big Three” . While Orlando, Boston, Chicago, and New York continue to make strides in the East, and the San Antonio Spurs already clinching another 50-win season, the Heat have some problems.

The Magic simply outplayed, outworked, and never quit against the Heat and when it comes to playoff time, those traits will knock the Heat out of the playoff picture, if they don’t get things right.


2 responses to “No More Flame: Heat Show True Colors After Letdown Vs Orlando

  1. berger987 March 4, 2011 at 1:54 pm

    yes, this is exactly why the Heat are not going to win a championship this year, and probably the near future as well. The Celtics win because they have more than just a big 3. The Heat just have a big 3.

  2. thepidemic March 4, 2011 at 5:00 pm

    I agree with berger on this one. the Celtics are a cohesive unit that have quality role players. They are twice as good defensively, particularly in the paint even after the loss of Perkins. Green is avery nice playet who will compliment the big three the same way he was able to compliment Durant and Westbrook. Plus, the Celtics real x-factor is Rondo. The heat will never get a pg nearly that good, and that matters a lot in terms of settings the offensive tempo.

    The heat don’t seem to have guys that are comfortable in their roles. Granted, LBJ anf Wade are going to get the most touches since they are obviously the superior athletes. But if you want someone like Miller, House, or Bibby to be able to hit those big late game shots for you, then they have to be given more touches throughout the game so they can develop a rythmn. It’s like asking someone to constantly come up with a game winning rbi for you as a pinch hitter, it’s just not realistic.

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