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Latest Trade Rumors

Update almost 3 central: Let’s go with some quick hits.

Wallace was dealt to the Blazers for Joel Przybilla and a second rounder.

From what I understand, Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson are going to the Thunder, while Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic are going to the Celtics.

OJ Mayo is going to the Pacers for Josh McRoberts and a first round pick.

Update 1:45 – The Cavs and Warriors are in talks for a deal that would send Antawn Jamison.

The T-Wolves and Rockets continue to talk about a Flynn-Brooks deal.

The Rockets are getting a lot of calls about Courtney Lee. Potential suitors are the Bulls.

The Celtics are targeting Anthony Parker from the Cavs.

Update 1:08 – It actually looks like the Bobs are still trying to deal either G-Wall or Stephen Jackson and there are plenty of suitors. Stay tuned. Blazers talks are dead.

The Knicks are shopping newly acquired Corey Brewer and Renaldo Balkman.

It was reported that the Heat were shopping Mike Miller, but I doubt they found anyone that would give them a legit offer.

Update 11:38 – It looks like the T-Pups and Rockets are discussing a deal that would send Aaron Brooks to Minny and Johnny Flynn would end up in Houston, although these rumors are coming as a surprise to each of them.

It looks like everything involving Gerald Wallace going anywhere has died, thanks to MJ getting some cold feet.

Jared Dudley and Steve Nash are NOT available according the Suns owner via Mark Stein.

Adrian Wojnarowski: No late trades surprises with Andre Iguodala. “He’s out of play,” source says. That’s too bad.

There’s not much more big talk going on, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple minor deals is all that is left to be done. Check back throughout the day for more rumors and updates.


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