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Brandon’s Banter: ‘Melo Drama, CBA Talks and Alex Tanney

Hello everyone, I hope you all enjoyed the All-Star weekend. I’m not really the biggest NBA fan, but have been trying to get into it this year, and it’s been pretty successful. I thought the NBA put on a good show. Anyways, time to delve into the CBA talks, Melo drama’ and more. I’m going to try a little different format this week so we’re gonna see how it goes.


Carmelo Anthony reportedly has met with the Nets. He was going to talk during the All-Star game until Kobe shut him down. Good job, Kobe. Well done.

I don’t see why we have to have an update each and every second for this guy. Maybe it’s interesting for the fans of the teams involved but no one else cares. Frankly, all I want to know is where he goes when he goes. Now that will be interesting, but until then, please stay out of my life.

The dunk contest was easily the best in recent memory and one of the best all time. Blake Griffin’s dunk over the hood of a car was absurdly overrated, but nonetheless, it was a great dunk contest.

The All-Star game was pretty good too, until they started calling fouls at the 3 point line, then the players would take 5 steps and lay it in and they’d count the basket. I mean, I know this is the NBA, but come on refs, both teams somewhat care about this game, and rightfully so.

Also some sad news. It looks like we could be heading for a lockout not only in the NFL, but the NBA as well for next year.


The NFL entered its 4th straight day of talks in mediation. I don’t know quite how much progress they’re making, but reports are that they’re working hard and have been talking for 4 straight days. Either way you look at it, this has to mean some progress.

Local favorite Chad Greenway got the good ol’ franchise tag slapped on him by the Vikings. That’s too bad, because he can’t make the jump to elite status in Minnesota.

The Lions have to forfeit their 7th round pick and swap 5 round picks with the Kansas City Chiefs for tampering with players under contract. See, Detroit? This is kind of why you suck. You need to cheat to step out of mediocrity and it isn’t even working.


The MLB has some CBA issues of their own. Their deal is up after the season and they need to get a new deal done. Union leader Michael Weiner sounds determined to get a new deal done by the time the current one expires in December, “I know we’re prepared to try to get it done. I’m confident that the ownership is prepared to try to get it done as well. You don’t know until you get to the table.”

Players are reporting all over the league. I’m super excited. I really want this season to get underway.


The top 4 teams fell this week, leaving Duke to leapfrog back into the top spot. I still think Ohio St. is the next best team, however.


Trevor Bayne took home the checkered flag in his first ever Sprint Cup win in his first ever Daytona try in his SECOND ever race. Holy cats. He isn’t even signed on for a full season! The points he earned from this race are going to his Nationwide standings. Bayne has all the makings of becoming the next fan favorite.

Pop Culture

Ok quick question. Have you ever seen Full Metal Jacket? If you like War movies with a little bit of comedy sprinkled in, go and get this movie. Don’t hesitate, just do it. It is easily in my list of 3 favorite movies of all time right next to Glory Road and The Hangover.

Check out the new Linkin Park hit, Burning in the skies, you will not be disappointed.

Remember Uconn qb Johnny McEntee’s trick shot video? I do, and chances are you do too. However, he’s got competition. Check this out and remember, you heard it here first:


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