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NBA Power Rankings: All Star Break

1. Heat (41-15) – These guys are the best team in the league. Simply put.

2. Spurs (46-10) – They might deserve more love, and might be the best team in the league, but they’re fade is coming soon. While they’re playing great, they’re not at the level of the Heat.

3. Magic (36-21) – The Richardson acquisition is working out and they’re playing great.

4. Mavs (40-16) – The Mavs are playing well again. Don’t worry, the playoff choke will always be there.

5. Celtics (40-14) – I feel like I should put them higher up, but I’m just not buying them for some reason.

6. Bulls (38-16) – Rose has got this team playing at a high caliber level during his MVP-like season. This team could soar with Noah’s expected return on Wednesday.

7. Lakers (38-19) – I have confidence that they’ll find their stride, but after a loss to the lowly Cavs, there is something serious wrong in LA.

8. Thunder (35-19) – The Thunder are rising. One more year.

9. Hawks (34-21) – Blowing a huge lead on the Bobs doesn’t bode well for their confidence. Or home court advantage.

10. Hornets (33-25) – Yikes, 2-9 without Okafor in the lineup. These guys need some help. If it goes according to how the previous part of the season has gone, they’ll go 9-1 in their next 10 games somehow.

11. Trail Blazers (32-24) – Brandon Roy is coming back, along with Marcus Camby, but can’t help but see pessimistically.

12. 76ers (27-29) – They’ve been playing very well of late.

13. Grizzlies (31-26) – Rudy Gay is down for the month. They were looking like a good pick to make the playoffs before. If they can’t keep it together till he returns, they’ll be a scary playoff team.

14. Jazz (31-26) – Jerry Sloan left and this team just keeps losing. Big surprise.

15. Nuggets (32-25) – There’s just too much drama going on for me to put them any higher.

16. Knicks (28-26) – They need a spark. Bad.

17. Pacers (24-30) – Frank Vogel has kick-started the team, and they’re playing some decent ball right now.

18. Suns (27-27) – Nash is the only one still playing for them.

19. Warriors (26-29) – The Dubs are actually a pretty decent team when Lee is in the lineup. That’s too bad they were horrible when he was out or they’d be in the top 8 in the West right now.

20. Bobcats (24-32) – The Bobs just aren’t very good.

21. Bucks (21-34) – Jennings is back, so now we can see what they can do.

22. Rockets (26-31) – The Rockets are looking at Nene right now. Might as well, Yao isn’t coming back.

23. Clippers (21-35) – Despite Blake Griffin and Baron Davis, they still suck. What else is new?

24. Pistons (21-36) – They’re no longer involved in the trade talks but oh well.

25. T-Wolves (13-43) – Kevin Love leads this team of unproven players. I wouldn’t be surprised though if they were a top seed in 2 years.

26. Nets (17-40) – Back in the talks for Melo. They still wouldn’t be a playoff team with him this year.

27. Kings (13-40) – Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins aren’t getting along. This isn’t a recipe for success.

28. Raptors (15-41) – Ask Chris Bosh how he feels.

29. Wizards (15-39) – Got a road win. Now they need to learn how to climb the stairs out of the cellar.

30. Cavs (10-46) – Ugh. Did get a win against the Lakers though. That has to count for something.


2 responses to “NBA Power Rankings: All Star Break

  1. jbebbs February 24, 2011 at 12:19 am

    Wow hate on the Mavs more?

    Several differences between this year and years previous.

    (non team related differences)
    1) Lakeshow has come back down to earth there age has been evident.
    2) After recent trades the West is relatively depleted.

    (team related differences)
    1) The team is deep. Haywood, Terry, Barea, Marion, maybe even Stevenson could all start on other teams in the league.
    2) For the first time it looks like someone other then Dirk is playing with urgency.
    3) Tyson Chandler. He is playing like an animal and gives the Mavs the first good 2 way player at the 5 position in the Dirk era.

  2. berger987 February 24, 2011 at 1:17 pm

    Well I gave them the 4 spot, and after the magic dropped one to the Evan’s-less Kings, they would move into 3 in my rankings. I’m not sure how I’m not giving them love in that aspect, but maybe the ‘playoff choke’ comment is getting to you lol. I’m sorry, it’s a little harsh, but history has a way of repeating itself. However, I wouldn’t mind someone new coming out and challenging for the NBA title, and wouldn’t mind if it’s them.

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