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The Clippers Need to Look at Getting ‘Melo

Courtesy of Mike Pendleton

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The Melodrama is in full effect and has taken the NBA newswire in full swing. With the Nets eliminating themselves, calling the process, “too long and to expensive,” the New York Knicks seemed to be the front runner and currently still seem to be in the lead. 

With a rumored deal between Denver, New York and Minnesota being reported, more rumors were also reported and none was bigger than Chris Broussard’s assertions. Earlier this week, Broussard reported that a deal was in the works, involving the Lakers‘ Andrew Bynum being sent to Denver for Carmelo Anthony.

When the finances are broken down, the deal meets the money requirements and would be one of the biggest blockbuster trades of all time.

It would allow Carmelo to play with the Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant. The trade would also allow Pau Gasol to slide to center and would give Lamar Odom  the starting role he deserves.

Without a doubt, this trade or even the rumored Knicks deal would help each team.  But there are other teams who are just a “Carmelo” away from becoming an elite team.

In the West, one of those teams is not far from the Lakers. In fact, it’s their neighbor, the Los Angeles Clippers.

Why not?

When LeBron was a free agent this past summer, the Clippers were one of the teams with enough financial room to sign LeBron to a maximum deal.

While the Clippers have been a dumpster team as of late, the move would’ve been great.

The Clippers are one Carmelo, one LeBron or one Brandon Roy away from becoming an elite NBA franchise. 

So, in a quick breakdown, here’s an examination of why the Clippers should try and get in the mix for Carmelo.

While Baron Davis’ contract isn’t expiring yet, he is an older veteran trying to run a young team. The Clippers drafted Eric Bledsoe, who has filled in nicely when Davis had to miss time due to injuries and has shown a lot of bright spots at the point guard position.

As well as Bledsoe, another player has stepped up when given the opportunity due to injury is team’s center, DeAndre Jordan. When Jordan was drafted last year, he was considered more of a project, but when Chris Kaman went down with an ankle injury, Jordan made a name for himself putting up double digit rebounding nights.

Since that’s just this year’s rising stars for the Clippers, let’s take a couple steps back.

Last year, the Clippers drafted Blake Griffin and while he missed the entire season due to a broken left kneecap, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that he is already an NBA star and will be the Rookie Of the Year. Already an NBA All-Star reserve, “Blake,” as many Clipper fans call him, brings the show to not only his hometown, L.A., but to opponents that the Clippers visit.

Thousands come to games against the Clippers to watch Blake and this young Clippers team, and while they are looking for an NBA star, they do have an underrated star of their own…Eric Gordon.

Drafted out of Indiana in 2008, Gordon has been having his best season so far in his young career, despite being out right now with a sprained right wrist. Averaging 24 points and 4 assists, while still allowing Blake to go for a double-double almost every night, the Clippers have a great young core.

One would expect the Clippers to trade Baron Davis and/or Chris Kaman to get them that last star, preferably one that can play the small forward position.

By getting Carmelo Anthony and having a complete starting five filled with great young talent, the Clippers would be on the map for sure. 

As much as these young guys try, they will still be L.A.’s other team, as long as the Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant, is playing in the same arena. Though the future looks bright for the Clippers, they still need to find the missing puzzle piece and he might just be residing in Denver.

Safe to say, the Clippers deserve to be involved in “Melodrama,” as it would make them one of the most noticeable young teams in the entire NBA.


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