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BM Time! Collective Bargaining Agreement Issue

Brandon: Well, it’s time for the first edition of BM Time!, and here to join me is Derrick Miller. Recently, talks for a new labor agreement in the NFL has stalled, and many people taking sides of the owner’s or the player’s. Who are you behind?

Derrick: I really don’t like this whole ordeal. I follow the player’s more than I do the owners. The owner’s want to add those 2 extra games, and the player’s just think of the injuries. If Roger Goodel is so serious about this player safety thing, then in my mind he is going back on his word when he wants to add two more games.

Brandon: I think the biggest issue right now is the splitting of the money. I don’t think the public is properly educated on the situation. The players came out with that commercial and got everybody on their side. What people don’t realize is that the owners want more money because they aren’t making enough money to pay off the banks. That’s behind that. Speaking of 18 games, are you for it or against it?

Derrick: I just hate it when billionaires are fighting over a couple million dollars. I am against it. I just think it is too much to ask of the players. Like I said before, Goodell has been talking so much on player safety and now this. What does he expect by adding two more games? Less injuries? No, it increases the chance. It’s hard enough on the player’s as it is.

Brandon: What more games means, is not less injuries, right, but more football! I love football and all the fans do to. If they do this, they do need to take a couple preseason games off. You know what else it means? More money. Each side is going to get more money, and two extra games per year is not going to shorten anyone’s career. The more football, the better.

Derrick: I would love more football, but if it’s too hard on the players, its too hard on the players. That’s something we can’t decide, only the player’s can. Taking off the preseason games would be the thing to make it work. But I just think adding more games and putting the player’s at more risk of career or even life-threatening injuries isn’t what needs to be done.

Brandon: I don’t think adding more games increases the risk of career or life-threatening injuries. I think that’s going a bit too far. If they threw two more games in there, they could add another bye week, which I’m sure they would do. In the past, the players would love it, because they had a love for the game. The players these days are turning too much into snobby millionaires.

Derrick: Yeah that is very true about the snobby babies. I read somewhere they wouldn’t add another bye, but that has to be false. If they add a bye that would make things better, but in the end, snobby or not, I still think Goodell should let his players decide.

Billionaires fighting over millions. What has this world come to?


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