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EEFL Preseason Awards

MVP – Kendall Lindeman

This really came as no surprise to me. I think Kendall probably is the best player in the league. I also think Ben could pull it off as the MVP. When I say I think Kendall is probably the best player, it doesn’t mean Seth wasn’t right. Seth was trying to build a team based on effort and quickness, and that’s exactly what he got. But, there are multiple players like that on his team, which will make Kendall stand out more than Ben and Jamon.

QB – Jace Connor

I don’t necessarily agree with this one, but it could go either way. I voted for Jace, yes, but I could easily see 3 other guys be the best one.

WR – Kendall Lindeman

Put this as another award for Kendall in the books. He has the most talent of anyone here. Whether he can piece it together throughout the year is to be seen.

Deep Threat – Probably Kendall

…Yet another award. This could end up biting them in the butt, because he could end up with three awards, or disappoint and have none. He got my vote in the first two, but in this one, I took Kyelle Herrick. The kid never runs out of energy and will be flying deep every time down the field. It’s not over, because it’s in a revote, but if the previous vote was any indication, it’ll be Kendall.

Possession Receiver – Jamon Harberts

Jamon is a good pick here. I think either him or Ben will end up getting the possession receiver award. The biggest question for this team is, who’s going deep to take the pressure off the other? If they go 50/50, I can’t see them getting enough touches to win this.

Sleeper – Wade Miller

I have a hard time justifying Wade as a sleeper, mainly because he has been so hyped by Andy and I before the season, and his brother took him with his 2nd round pick, but I put him on the list and he won.

Defender – Tim Olinger

This makes me happy. I definitely hope he can live up to expectations. The Deep Threat is lacking a solid defense more than likely, but if we can take out the opposing #1, then we’ve got a chance.

Top Offense (In order) – Heismans, Prime Time, Highlight Reel, Rampage, Deep Threat

Dang. A little disappointing in finishing dead last, but oh well. The Heismans may have the top offense, yes, but it’s really wide open. It’s anyone’s ball game. Prime Time’s offense should be very effective with the height and reliable hands they have. Highlight Reel have a lot of quickness and should be able to get open with ease. The Rampage are a question mark, but have the potential to be great.

Top Defense (In order) – Highlight Reel, Heismans, Tie for Deep Threat and Prime Time, Rampage

This is hard to gauge, but it probably will be between Highlight Reel and Heismans, as they are the most athletic teams. I said Highlight Reel because I think they have to most effort dedicated players.

Smartest Team – Prime Time

Well, I came in second, but Prime Time got this one. It doesn’t surprise me, being as this is who I voted for. Andy has the flag football experience and I have no doubt that he will be able to get his team off to the fastest start in the league.

Team most likely to underachieve – Heismans and Primetime (Tie)

This is also so hard to gauge, but it is a little ironic that the Heismans have been voted both the favorite to underachieve and best team. Whatever.

Best Team (In Order) – Heismans, Deep Threat, Prime Time, Rampage, Highlight Reel

Well, this is a little fudged up. I see in no way that the Highlight Reel finish in last. No. Way. For me, it’s between the Highlight Reel and Heismans for the best team in the league. The thing hurting the Highlight Reel though, is that I think it’s going to take them the first couple games of the season to find their groove and hit their stride.

Award Count: Prime Time (4 Thanks to Kendall) Heismans (3) Highlight Reel (2) Deep Threat (1) Rampage (1)


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