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As I write this article there is 59 days left until the regular season starts. With the forecast through next week calling for highs in the upper 30s and low 40s it can only mean one thing; spring is right around the corner. Now whose to say we won’t get another arctic blast and probably another blizzard. In South Dakota, I wouldn’t doubt it, but at least we are going to most of the snow melted within the next week so whatever falls after that won’t last long. That’s all for your weather report, lets talk football.

Pre-season games have been discussed but nothing has been finalized yet, it will be more of a wait and see type thing. As soon as basketball is over and the football field is cleared, let the games begin. With all the trash-talking going on its obvious hard feelings are beginning to form across the league. The only thing that will solve this is playing the game, which can’t seem to come soon enough.

A couple things I want to talk about before I get back to game-planning is scheduling and a rule that was left out. First off is scheduling. There will be a high-school spring baseball team playing in Emery with some games being on Sunday nights. Once that schedule comes out we will adjust ours. If possible we will move the games to a Saturday or Friday evening possibly. I have thought about playing in Ethan as well so that is a possibility. Just wanted to let the players know about that.

The other thing is a rule that I left out of the rule book. Hear me out before you start to tear it down. The league in Mitchell requires either A) a center to snap the ball back to the QB or B) the QB has to snap the ball off the ground on the line of scrimmage. I think this is a necessary rule for a couple of reasons. First off, we need to have a set line of scrimmage so the defense and the refs know where the line is. There will be a marker (Frisbee was used in the Mitchell league) on the line of scrimmage. Now if a team decides to use a center to snap the ball he by no means has to snap it through his legs. He can turn around and toss it back to him if he chooses. We need to have a snap so the defense and the refs know when the play starts. In all honesty, an offense could hurry up to the ball grab it and the receivers take off without the qb even saying hut. That will leave the defense and refs with a delayed 3-count to rush the QB. The main reason for this is so that as soon as the ball is lifted off the ground, the play starts. Any comments and suggestions in a POSITIVE manner are appreciated.

I will have an “Inside the EEFL” article up weekly to give an update of the league and a look at anything that is going on. If you have any suggestions or want me to talk about something in my series of articles please let me know.

“The Time Is Coming”


2 responses to “Inside the EEFL

  1. jharberts February 10, 2011 at 9:04 pm

    i agree with the snap rule. i think it helps everyone, along with the refs, to realize when the play starts.

  2. berger987 February 10, 2011 at 9:15 pm

    Yeah, I do too. It should make the game go more smoothly.

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