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Brandon’s Banter 2-7

Well it’s that time again. Time for some pointless point writing. I invite you all to go sign up for the forum if you haven’t, and help us get it active.

*Edit: Oh, and I almost forgot, if anyone reading this would like to write some fantasy baseball articles, e-mail us at ALSO, we are starting a fantasy baseball league again this year. If you want in, shoot an email to the email I listed. Don’t be shy.*

*Yet another blunder: All of you flag footballers head over to the forum to vote on the preseason awards.*

• Well, the Super Bowl was last night, maybe you heard about it. And of course, along with it, came all the bitching about how bad the halftime show was and how un-funny the commercials were. Nothing ever seems to please people, no matter how good or average they really were. The Black Eyed Peas and the whole halftime show was great. I loved what they did with Sweet Child O’ Mine. Loved it. Newsflash, the Black Eyed Peas are a techno-sounding band. They’re obviously not going to be the best sounding band live, let alone on TV, and playing in front of 90,000 people. I don’t get why half the people in the US have to be so critical and bitch about every little thing the NFL does at the Super Bowl. I also don’t get why people get their hopes up so much for the commercials. Every year people say they suck, like their expecting them to be the best year of ads ever. It doesn’t work that way. There were at least 5 that I laughed out loud for. I’d say that makes for a moderately successful ad campaign. That is all.

• This was a great Super Bowl, filled with mistakes, that went down to the wire. You really can’t ask for much more than that. To read up on the game summary, click here.

• How in the world did Aguilera manage to mess the National Anthem up? Isn’t that the most recited song in the countries’ history? She says she got caught up in the moment, but as a professional, you’re not supposed to let that happen and know how to block it out. However, I doubt she’s performed in front of that big of an audience, at that colossal of an event, so I’ll give her a break. I can honestly say I would most likely screw it up too.

• The NFL started out the day by having ‘an intense’ 2 hour meeting today. I doubt anything gets done, but I’m still interested in reading on the results.

• The Titans promoted their offensive line coach Mike Munchak to the Head Coach position. What’s interesting is that the Titan are the only team he’s ever played or worked for since his entrance in the league in 1982.

• Tom Brady earned the MVP. Well done, sir. Well done.

• The NFL playoffs were much better this year than last. It seemed like 3/4ths of the games last year were absolute blowouts. More games when down to the last or last couple drives.

• The New York Mets owners evidently owe 300 Million dollars for part in the Bernie Madoff scandal. Idiots.

• The Celtics’ Marquis Daniels suffered a scary injury last night. I’d link it but I don’t feel like looking. Anyways, turns out he’ll have to miss a month or two with a bruised spinal cord, so everyone’s fortunate it wasn’t worse.

• The Cavs lost 24 straight games, setting an NBA record. Can’t say it doesn’t surprise me, but I didn’t think they would set the losing streak record.

• Nuggets talks with the Knicks and T-Pups have stalled. Surprise. Bet you didn’t see that one coming. I just want them to get a deal done and get this over with. I mean, we already know that he’s going to end up in New York by next year’s start anyway. The Nuggets would be silly not to get anything in return for him.

• Can anyone beat the Ohio State Buckeyes? I think so. It’s just too hard to go undefeated these days with the equality of talent in college basketball.


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