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Miller’s SB Preview

First off, I would like to apoligize to all EE Sports World fans for not having our famous Super Bowl preview show. We ran into many scheduling problems and some severe weather. Now for the preview.

This will be a higher scoring game than most people think. A lot of people feel that it will be defensive minded with a lower scoring game. I disagree.

Now don’t get me wrong, both defensives are outstanding. And it will come down to which defense can come up with the biggest stop. Here is a few situations that will decide the game.

How will Pittsburgh’s offensive line hold up? Pouncy is officially out and the back-up will be starting. They have a tough contest in the trenches with B.J Raji, Cullen Jenkens, and the Packers linebackers and holding them up. Granted they have a big QB in Roesthlisberger who can takes hits, but if he takes hit’s all game he will make that crucial mistake in the end. The O-line needs to hold up for Pittsburgh to have a chance.

Can Green Bay get the running game going? Now when we say get it going, that doesn’t mean over 100 yards necessarily. That’s almost impossible to against Pittsburgh’s defense. What Green Bay needs to do his try and get the running game going enough to make Pitt’s defense stay honest, which would set up the play-action, which Rodger’s excells in.

Which defense will make the big stop? Both defense’s key on the big stops. Pittsburgh’s relies on Polumalu and Harrison and the experience factor. Green Bay will key with young, speed guys with Tramon Williams and Sam Shields. Both of those young cornerbacks are under great teaching in Charles Woodson. The game will depend on which defense can come up with that big stop.

Now that we have looked into some key factors, time for my pick. I think Green Bay can get the running game going enough to make the play action work. Coach McCarthy said himself it’s not so much about the yards but the carries, and he will stick to his gameplan. I also don’t think Pittsburgh’s offensive line can hold up all game, and Big Ben will be taking hits, which will be the deciding factor, as late in the game with the Steelers trying to get a game-winning drive going, Big Ben rushes the throw and Charles Woodson makes the game-clinching interception. I’ll take Green Bay 34-30. Woodson will win the MVP award.


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