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Rivalries Define League

The Highlight Reel vs. Prime Time has taken on a whole new meaning. In a recent attack, Andy made composed an article aimed at making fun of Seth for his bashing of Prime Time. Let’s just say it dug deep when hitting his (Highlight Reel) teammates.

Austin Bunger responded, “Not liking the whole ‘pose no down field threat whatsoever’ comment. Just wait for the season to start.”

Ben Erickson had this to say, “Highlight Reel are gonna be ready! You all just wait. My captain knows what he is talking about! When the season starts you all are gonna know of this team. We will prove it to you all!!!
“My body is ready, my flesh is weak””

And as expected, Adrien Heiter got in on the scuffle, “Andy [you’re] right. [You’re] right about this is probably going to be the biggest rivalry in the EEFL. [You’re] right on [there’s] going to be trash talking. [You’re] even right when names are going to be called and feelings are going to be hurt. But [I] guarantee. I guar-an-damn-tee! It [won’t] be us. You have no idea [what’s] coming for you in [approximately] 93 days!! CANT WAIT!!!”

Seth Wethor also released an official statement in a press conference earlier today, saying, “Andy’s article just gave my team fuel… he [expletive] off my team and now they [can’t] wait until we play them. My team is asking for practice after he made that article. All [I] have to say is..THANKS ANDY :).”

I asked Andy what he thought the rivalry meant to the league, and he said this, “I think I rivalry in any league is a good thing. It adds a little extra excitement to the game and I have a feeling quite a few players from other teams are going to want to stick around and watch this game. With a rivalry that has already become this big when we are so far away from the regular season, it just adds the entertainment factor to the EEFL.”

I must say, this had to be the most anticipated rivalry in the league. We all look at it as fun and games, but I truly do believe when the teams take the field, tempers are going to flare and harsh words are going to be thrown at each other. It’s a matter of who can let them bounce off of each other the best and how well the officials can keep the game under control.

The referees are going to need to be on top of their game, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the league decided to use a three man crew for the contest, just to make sure they get everything as right as possible.

The name for this game has yet to be determined.

A commonly forgot rivalry in the league is the Berg-Miller Extravaganza. It has all the makings of a great game, with the same intensity, but isn’t as public.

That might be due to the fact that the Rampage are predicted to be the worst team in the league, but Miller responded to this on Thursday.

When he was asked how it felt to be the projected cellar dweller for the season, he responded, saying, “It really doesn’t bother me. People can talk all they want. What matters is the performance on the field, and I’m confident our team can perform.”

On the other side of the ball is the awesome (just stating a fact) perennial trash-talker Brandon Berg and the Deep Threat.

Brandon was asked why he has had a lack of trash talk so far and replied, “That makes me laugh. It’s great for the league when teams are talking it up like this. However, by the beginning of the season, people will not only be looking forward to the Prime Time-Highlight Reel game, but also the Extravaganza. It’s not like I’m lacking in talkers. Clayton and I form the best duo in the league, hands-down. It’s probably the biggest reason I took him. I didn’t want to be running my mouth alone.

“I also have wanted to beat Andy very badly. I recently told Tim Olinger that is was the only two games I wanted to win all year. He replied, ‘I don’t care what we have to do. I’ll be snapping legs if that’s what it takes to win.’ So not only do I have the talkers, but I have The Intimidator.”

One team that has been left out of these talks has been the Heismans, but don’t be fooled. Just because they aren’t forming an earth quaking rivalry doesn’t mean they are off the hook.

The Heismans are the undisputed favorite in the league. Even though they haven’t formed a big rivalry and have kept relatively quiet so far, it just means every team that plays them is going to give their best shot. Just picture that big red target on their back.

This is so much fun so far, even when we’re months away from the season starting. Let’s keep it up boys and have some fun!


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