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EEFL: Team Summaries

Prime Time – Andy Erickson, Kendall Lindeman, Justin Grosdidier, Kyle Pollreisz, Will Leitheiser

Strengths – They have probably the best jump ball player in Kendall Lindeman, a high school state champion qb, and a lightning fast possession receiver in Kyle Pollreisz. Will Leitheiser has been known to make great catches, and Andy Erickson has a knack for finding the open spot in the zone. They have a couple tall receivers that will make it difficult for opposing teams to match up with. Prime Time has a highly formidable offense to be reckoned with.

Weaknesses – There’s a reason that this team adopted the slogan, “The best defense is a good offense.” Prime Time will have a heck of a time matching up with the speed of the other teams. They won’t have much trouble on jump balls if Leitheiser takes the tall players, but the main concern is if they can keep receivers in front of them. I’m guessing that they will play a lot of zone this year, and rush the QB often.

Watch Alert – It’ll be interesting to see how Grosdidier will adjust to flag football. We haven’t seen much as to his throwing talent in the high school game, so he is a little questionable. They also have 3 Ethan players, and it’ll be interesting if that chemistry can carry them.

Ceiling – 6-2

Basement – 1-7

Deep Threat – Brandon Berg, Tim Olinger, Clayton Dye, JD Shape, Chase Hofer

Strengths – Deep Threat will have a pretty formidable passing attack with Tim Olinger a quick YAC receiver, Clayton Dye hauling in the deep balls, and a somewhat proven Brandon Berg at the helm. The defense also should be a strong point with shutdown back Tim Olinger likely manning up the best receiver on the opposing team. Dye and Shape will help defend the jump balls in the end zone with Hofer being a solid defender on the 3 or 4.

Weaknesses – There are a couple questions for this team’s speed. Olinger is very athletic and quick, but top speed isn’t the forte. Dye doesn’t play hard on defense and JD Shape’s speed is relatively unkown, as well as his ball skills. I think Berg’s speed also puts them at a big disadvantage even though he should be rested up from playing QB most of the time.

Watch Alert – It is unknown whether this team will have a zone philosophy or man. From the skill sets they have, it appears they can be effective in both. Clayton Dye also is one to watch, to see how well he performs through adversity.

Ceiling – 7-1

Basement – 3-5

Highlight Reel – Seth Wethor, Ben Erickson, Jamon Harberts, Adrien Heiter, Austin Bunger

Strengths – This team has a ton of receiving options with Erickson, Harberts, Heiter and Bunger. Each of them possesses a skill or two that, if utilized correctly, can pick apart opposing defenses. Erickson is one of the fastest players in the league and Harberts is an incredibly dependable number 2 who is dangerous in open space. Heiter has been known to be a great receiver after the catch, and Bunger was a steal in the 4th round, being an all-around average player. The team should also have no problem matching up man with opposing offenses. This is the most solid team in the league.

Weaknesses – There is a big question surrounding them as to whether they can defend the long ball or throw the long ball. I expect them to get more pass interference penalties called than most teams. It could close up options in the shallow field. Heiter could be a great pick, but I think was a reach as a 3rd round pick. He easily could’ve been drafted with the 1st pick in the 4th round. He has terrible hands, which could hurt them in close games.

Watch Alert – It will be interesting to see if Heiter ends up being worth his value. He has the potential to be a game changer, but more likely a game hurter for the Highlight Reel. It also will be interesting to see if the lack of a deep threat will hurt them, as they are chalked full of possession receivers. It also will be interesting to see if Wethor can adapt to their probably west coast offense, as it is not his throwing style. I think that the fact that they are so solid all around, makes them better than people think, and the lack of true deep threat will be cancelled out because of it. They will be the least most volatile team.

Ceiling – 7-1

Basement – 3-5

Heismans – Jacob Schweitzer, Jace Connor, Kyelle Herrick, Steven Whistler, Austin Eich

Strengths – One thing this team does not lack is speed. They could end up being the most explosive offense in the league. Herrick is great for the long ball, Schweitzer is a great YAC receiver and Eich is a good all-purpose wideout. As a result of all the attention, you will likely find Whistler open often. They should be able to matchup very well with any team they face, and likely will play mostly man to man.

Weaknesses – There isn’t a whole lot to say as far as weaknesses. Eich will have his share of bonehead plays, and so might Herrick. Connor has been known to goof off when playing, and that is a team killer in flag football. Effort is definitely a question mark with the Heismans.

Watch Alert – It will be interesting to see how effective Connor is at QB. He has a great arm, but hasn’t seen much game action at QB. How will his decision making be under pressure? If this team plays hard, they will easily be the best team, but if they don’t give it all they’ve got, they could be the worst.

Ceiling – 8-0

Basement – 2-6

Rampage – Derrick Miller, Josh Terveen, Wade Miller, Terry Weber, Franky Tusha

Strengths – They got a steal with Terry Weber as the last pick of the 3rd round. Josh Terveen is sneaky fast, and could help stretch the field. Franky Tusha is the distraction factor, as he will be running his mouth the whole game. Wade Miller is another sneaky fast player. All they need to do is get the ball in his hands and let him do the rest.

Weaknesses – This team will have some trouble getting stops. Wade Miller’s height makes him a liability in most cases and Franky and big Miller may have some trouble covering too. I’m hesitant in saying effort might be a problem, but there’s a chance. They are going to have trouble defending jump balls in the end zone. They have a lack of star power that could end up being the x-factor in the way of losing.

Watch Alert – Derrick Miller claims he is going to “QB the team to victory.” While I’m not doubting him as he has a pretty solid arm, if it doesn’t work, there are aren’t any other proven options on the roster. This team is clearly the underdog in the league and it will be interesting to see if they can out-strategize the other teams.

Ceiling 5-3

Basement – 1-7


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