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Huskies Face Tough Challenge

The B-E Huskies (6-3) boys team will face the undefeated Mount Vernon Mustangs (10-0) on February 1st as part of a double header with the girls team.

Mount Vernon boast a 3 headed attack consisting of Jonathan Nebelsick, Tim Deinert and Tanner Cross.

Nebelsick, their top threat, has added a new facet to his game, outside shooting. He is very polished in his post moves, but in past years, he hasn’t shown the ability to kick the ball back out when the play isn’t there.

Deinert and Cross are both guards who can play the point and shoot the open 3.

I haven’t gotten much chance to see them play this year, but they notoriously like to get in a track meet with the full court press. My guess is that they will try to do the same against the half-court Huskies.

Defensively, the Huskies have the players to match-up against the Mustangs. Kayser will guard Nebelsick, but needs to stay out of foul trouble to be effective. Sometimes giving up a basket, is better than fouling and coming off the floor. Terveen and Wethor should both be able to handle the Mustang’s guards, as two of the premier guard defenders in the conference. It should be a great test for both of them as we get to see if they’ll rise up to the challenge.

The Mustangs have some key wins so far this season, beating Mitchell Christian, Hanson and Dakota Christian. They won each of those games by a confortable margin of no less than 9 points.

They also have a tough matchups with Corsica-Stickney and Langford before coming to Emery to battle the Huskies on Tuesday.

The Huskies will be riding a 4 game winning streak into the matchup, hoping to make it five. The Huskies improved ball handling should be pivotal in the game, but remains to be seen if they can generate enough points. In order to win this game, they need to slow it down to their style of play. If it’s a fast paced game, I look for Mount Vernon to win. If it’s a slow-paced game, I look for the Huskies to win.

The B-E Huskies have something to prove, and I’m looking forward to seeing if they can pull through. It should be a fun game to watch.


One response to “Huskies Face Tough Challenge

  1. dmills14 January 26, 2011 at 3:07 pm

    Great read. Hit the nail on the head with the full court. They will press us all night long. B-E needs to slow the game-tempo down and make them play a half-court.

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