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Andy’s EEFL Mock Draft


  1. Ballin’ Bombers: Ben Erickson- this has been an obvious pick from the get-go. Ben possesses the determination to win, and has great speed and agility for a deep threat.
  2. Prime Time: Jace Connor- being a quarterback league, Jace goes off the board here. He has great arm strength but also has the speed to keep up with wide-receivers while on defense.
  3. Heismans: Kendall Lindeman- Kendall could easily be a #1 pick. But the injury problems make him fall back a couple spots. He could very well end up being the League MVP if he can stay healthy.
  4. Deep Threat: Tim Olinger- here is another guy who possesses the talent to be a #1 pick. He isn’t quite as fast as the ones that will be taken before him but he has a mind for the game and will be a great defensive asset to Deep Threat.
  5. Rampage: Jamon Harberts- Jamon is going to be the Wes Welker of the EEFL. He doesn’t have blazing speed and probably isn’t going to beat you deep, but he is quick in and out of his cuts and will be a great possession receiver.


  1. Ballin’ Bombers: Kyelle Herrick- Kyelle could be one of the best deep threats in the league. He has great speed and will be tough for any defensive to cover. His loyalty has been questioned, but that appears to be his only downfall.
  2. Prime Time: Josh Terveen- Here is another player who could end up being a first round talent. He is an all around athlete with speed and is a great possession receiver. Like Kyelle, if he stays devoted to his team, he will be a great asset.
  3. Heismans: Clayton Dye- Clayton is a pretty solid option at quarterback or wide-receiver, as long as your team is winning. He has a tendency to quit on his team after making mistakes or when you are down a couple touchdowns. But if your team is winning, he will be a big reason why.
  4. Deep Threat: Kyle Pollreisz- Kyle isn’t great in any one spot, but he is very well rounded. He will be the biggest asset to a team as a defensive player, which is very under-rated in a league like this. But don’t count him out on offense, he has the ability to make big plays.
  5. Rampage: Terry Weber- I look for Terry to go anywhere from the middle of the 2nd to 3rd round. He will catch most balls thrown his way. If Derrick can draft a group of established receivers he will be set to go, and Terry is a step towards doing that.


  1. Ballin’ Bombers: Adrien Heiter- There have been some preliminary talks about these two coming together. Adrien has a chip on his shoulder (both literally and physically) and will be out to prove his worth. This could be end up being a great pick for Seth, or a risky pick this early in the 3rd.
  2. Prime Time: Justin Grosdidier- In my mind Justin may be the most underrated player in the draft. He has the best arm among free-agents and is the kind of guy you want leading your team onto the field for a game-winning drive.
  3. Heismans: Wade Miller- Another underrated player, Wade isn’t going to out jump anyone, but he finds a way to get open using his quickness and field vision. He is a pretty solid option on both sides of the ball.
  4. Deep Threat: JD Shape- There are a lot of questions surrounding JD. He has the height, but due to the lack of game film, many captains aren’t sure of his pass-catching abilities or how well he plays in coverage. He could end up being a great role player on this team.
  5. Rampage: Steven Whistler- Steven will be a pretty good possession receiver. There is one thing he for sure doesn’t lack, and that is the determination to win.


  1. Ballin’ Bombers: Austin Eich- Eich could end up being a sleeper pick. He will be a solid role player, has the agility and speed to get open, and will be a fairly reliable option on defense.
  2. Prime Time: Will Leitheiser- A solid possession receiver, Will is going to be a big target for any quarterback. He has reliable hands, and if can find someone with his speed to match up with while on defense, is a great pass defender. He will also be a great red-zone target.
  3. Heismans: Franky Tusha- Franky is like the Rex Ryan of this league. He talks, talks, talks, but he hasn’t done the walk, yet. Opposing defenses often forget to cover Franky and he finds himself open in the flat. He has lapses on the defensive side but isn’t a bad option at this point.
  4. Deep Threat: Austin Bunger- Due to the lack of game film I really can’t give a full analysis on this pick. Austin could be one of those underestimated players that finds himself open while other players on his team get double-coverage.
  5. Rampage: Chase Hofer- Chase is in the same boat as Austin. Not much to base an analysis on but he could be a solid role player.

2 responses to “Andy’s EEFL Mock Draft

  1. thepidemic January 25, 2011 at 11:51 am

    What in the world is the EEFL?

  2. ande22 January 25, 2011 at 12:01 pm

    A flag football league we organized in our town. Needless to say we take it a bit serious, lol.

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