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EEFL: Pre-Draft Talk With Andy and Brandon

By your very own,

 Brandon Berg and Andy Erickson

 Brandon: With the EEFL inching closer to their draft date, it still remains to be seen who many of the players are going to be taking in the first round. Lucky for you guys though, we have myself (Deep Threat) and Andy Erickson (Prime Time) to give you the low down. What’s the hottest news in the league right now, Andy?

Andy: I think it has to be the first round prospects. The talent is spread so evenly that whoever ends up getting drafted last in the first round, could easily be drafted first. It is a very tough decision for us as team captains to not only get the most athletic player, but also the kind of player that fits the mold we want our team to have.

Brandon: That being said, you’re completely right. It’s nearly impossible to project who will go where, but with a little inside information, I’ll attempt to give you a first round mock.

1.       Ballin’ Bombers – Ben Erickson

It’s pretty evident Ben is showing the dedication to come ready to play every week. He also is arguably the fastest player on the board, and hustles. There are some questions about his hands, but that’s a small price to pay for getting a talent of his caliber.

2.       Prime Time – Jace Connor

I can easily see Andy going with Kendall here, but if he gets a solid QB, he will be able to get the ball deep to the receivers. QB is also shaping up to be the most important position in the league.

3.       Heismans – Kendall Lindeman

Jacob and Kendall would make the most lethal passing attack in the league, lowering the need for a pure QB a bit. He can still take Clayton or Justin in the later rounds to make up for that.

4.       Deep Threat – Tim Olinger

I can see Tim going off the board here or earlier. His skill set is nearly identical to Ben’s, give or take some attributes. I can also see Deep Threat taking Kyelle Herrick or Jamon Harberts in this slot.

5.       Rampage – Josh Terveen

This is the toughest pick to project, but the most likely choice is Josh Terveen. I can see him taking Clayton possibly here for some QB flexibility, or going after Kyelle Herrick. Jamon is also a great choice here if available.


1.       Ballin’ Bombers – Ben Erickson

This pick is pretty much a done deal. Team captain Seth Wethor has already had preliminary negotiations. All Seth is waiting for is to be on the clock. Ben brings in a combination of everything and is a very well-rounded player. The only possible negative is he tends to drop easy catches from time to time.

2.       Prime Time – Kendall Lindeman

        This pick could really go either way with Jace or Kendall. I really have no idea who I will take right now. Kendall is really excited about playing and will be a great asset to any team as a wide receiver and there have been talks about taking snaps at QB.

3.       Heismans – Jace Connor

        Jace will be able to toss the ball up and Schweitzer will run underneath it. Not much else to this pick. With these two on a team, they will be the quickest for sure and may cause other teams to use zone coverage to keep up with their speed.

4.       Deep Threat – Tim Olinger

Tim might possibly be the most under-rated player in this draft. He always gives 110 percent and knows what it takes to win. He may not make the most spectacular catch and lapse on a coverage now and again, but overall he could end up being the league MVP.

5.       Rampage – Clayton Dye

        This pick really decide on what captain Derrick Miller wants. If he feels he can play quarterback, he may go with Jamon, Josh, or Kyelle here. But I just think Clayton brings more to the passing game and when he has his head in the game he can make some really big plays.

Brandon: I think one thing we can agree on is that the Rampage could easily go about 5 different ways, but which pick would surprise you? Who is a reach when it comes to picking him with the 5th pick?

Andy: To be honest, the only reason I included Josh in there is because I had heard Derrick was talking about taking him. But if I am at the #5 spot I really feel that Josh is a reach in the first round. There are just too many questions surrounding him and I still am unsure how committed he will be to his team. He is kind of like a Terrell Owens, he can do huge things for your team, or he can tear it apart. But I feel Josh is more of a late 2nd-early 3rd round talent.

Brandon : You might have a point, but Josh is one of the best all-around players in the league. He could be the fastest player in the league, if not, I’m sure top 3. He’s got good hands, but even with his speed, I’m not sure he’s the home run threat that you look for in a first round pick. I wouldn’t go as far to say he’s like T.O., because he’s not going to hold out and do pushups in his driveway, but Miller probably is better off going with a deep threat like Kyelle if that’s what he’s looking for.

Josh and Jamon are basically the same player, with Jamon having the slight edge. I think Clayton is a reach for Miller at that spot, even with his “throwing ability.” The odds of Clayton playing hard all the way through every game are slim to none. I know it seems silly to have him listed as my mock pick and have him on this list, but he fits Miller’s needs and if he sees it that way, Clayton could be pick #5.

Andy: Yeah, I think there are a couple people in this draft who aren’t getting alot of hype, but are going to be huge parts of their team. One guy is Justin Grosdidier. He will immediately be competing as one of the top two quarterbacks in the league and if he gets drafted to Prime Time, throwing the ball to Kendall and myself will only help his cause. Another guy who will be drafted in the middle of the 3rd or later who is a sleeper in my mind is Wade Miller. He has a mind for the game, is quick and has some great hands. He would be a pretty solid asset as a defensive player as well.

Brandon: JD Shape is the most overlooked player in the draft. I think most people have him going in the 3rd round. However, when you put him against someone like Clayton, who is projected to be a 2nd round pick, I’m not so sure that I would take Clayton over him. They are both very similar in skill sets, and JD is yet to be seen to have the hustle lapses. We don’t have much “film” on him, but I like him as a sleeper. Another guy to think about is Austin Eich. In some situations, you have to take the good with the bad, and his athleticism makes him a great early 3rd round pick.

Ballin’ Bombers have an incredible draft pick situation right now. They could easily develop into the league favorites after the first two picks. What do you think?

Andy: I really think the teams with the first three selections are going to have the edge. Because there are about 8 players who are first round caliber. But the bottom line is that the championship is going to be won with the players taken in the 3rd and 4th rounds. With the talent spread so even after those first 8 guys, its really going to be a guessing game as to who gets the play maker and who gets the mistake maker.

Brandon: I think we can all agree that this is going to be one heck of a time. Make sure you tune into the draft at 7:00 on Sunday, January, 30th. Until next time my friends, I’m out.

Andy: And don’t forget to tune in early at 6 pm for the draft preview special. It is bound to be a great night with plenty of surprises. I already have one up my sleeves. Prime Time out.



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