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Nets Break Off Melo Trade Talks

The New Jersey Nets and the Denver Nuggets have been discussing a trade for Carmelo Anthony for over a month. However, the trade talks were constantly stalled when they were deemed “90% done.”

At one point, the deal was being held up by the Nets, not wanting to give up the draft picks that they were going to be giving up, which included two future first round draft picks, Derrick Favors and some role players, most popularly speculated, Troy Murphy.

This actually could’ve put New Jersey in quite a bind, although they eventually were agreeing to do it. It would’ve been extremely difficult to build through the draft the next few years, to get a starter or two or even role players.

The one thing that held it up the most was that the Nuggets couldn’t get Melo sold on New Jersey. He wants to go to New York, and that very well could happen after the season. That’s why Prokhorov (Nets owner) calling off the meeting between the Nets and Melo was such a surprise.

But perhaps the most perplexing part of the whole trade discussion, was that Prokhorov said in a press conference yesterday when he called off the trade. He talked about how he didn’t like the way the trade talks were going because they were getting too public.


This is coming a couple weeks after the Nuggets threatened to end talks with the Nets because the Nets were being too public with the deal. Something just doesn’t quite add up.

Maybe it was that they weren’t compatible teams, maybe the Nets just couldn’t give up enough, maybe it was Carmelo Anthony never fully decided on going to the Nets for full-term. We might never know.

But hey, Dwight Howard is a free agent in 2012.


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