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Conference Championship Preview

This year’s Conference Championship this year is one of the best we’ve had in recent memory. Whether it be the all-time great Packers-Bears rivalry that we rarely see in the playoffs, or the battle of prime time defenses, it looks like we’re in for a show. One thing that I can’t wait for, is to see what Rex Ryan has to say.

Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears – Sunday @ 3:00 EST

Why the Packers will win: Aaron Rodgers has been playing lights out this year. The defense has also been coming to form. They also had the second most sacks in the NFL this year. We all know how Cutler performs when pressured.

Why the Bears will win: The Bears and Jay Cutler have been the most underappreciated team in the NFL all year. Even the fans in Chicago don’t believe in them yet. But they have consistently played great defense all year and could be the key to the game against an explosive Packers attack.

Why the Packers will lose: The Packers defense could revert to early season form and really struggle. Not a huge chance, but it could happen. The Packers run game could also go completely ineffective and allow the Bears to key in only on the pass.

Why the Bears will lose: The Packers get great pressure on the QB and that could wreck havoc for the Cutler. He has performed less than admirably when rushed to get the ball out. He’s made some strides this year in that aspect, but the Bears still don’t stand much of a chance if he’s pressured.

Bottom Line: The Packers will undoubtedly get great pressure against the Bears weak offensive line. The Packers also have been one of the most unstoppable forces in the league lately. The only thing keeping the Bears in the game will be being at Soldier Field. Packers 31-17

New York Jets @ Pittsburg Steelers – Sunday @ 6:30 EST

Why the Jets will win: The Jets have a miraculous defense that has really jelled to the point of near perfection in the last few weeks of the season and in the playoffs. Mark Sanchez has also been playing well enough to lead the team to a couple victories.

Why the Steelers will win: The Steelers also have a good defense, but they have what the Jets don’t have, an explosive offense. Sure, the Jets can make plays from time to time, but Sanchez really hurts them with his inaccuracy and poor decisions. The Steelers have Big Ben, Mendenhall, the always ferocious Hines Ward and deep threat with Mike Wallace.

Why the Jets will lose: Mark Sanchez. He’s come up big so far this year in the playoffs, but he hasn’t played a defense yet. The Pats were ranked 30th in pass defense this year. I would sure hope he could help his team to 28 points there.

Why the Steelers will lose: The Jets got tremendous pressure against Tom Brady last week, mostly with 3 or 4 rushers. They could do the same with the Steelers shaky offensive line. Big Ben already holds onto the ball too long the way it is.

Bottom Line: The Jets just aren’t quite the complete team the Steelers are. The defense is electric, but the Steelers offense cancels that out. The Steelers defense will shut down the Jets. If the Jets get pressure on Ben as they did with Brady last week, though, and the Jets could win by multiple scores. However, I’m going with the Steelers in a close one. Steelers 17-14


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