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Patriots: Brady and Belichick Couldn’t Overcome Talent Deficit

Tom Brady has led the New England Patriots through thick and thin all season long. He has done so with the defensive injuries to starting CB Leigh Bodden and DE Ty Warren, which led to a lack of pass rush and cover ability for the rest of the Pats secondary, causing them to finish 30th in pass yards allowed, despite the emergence of rookie CB Devin McCourty.

Brady also had to suffer the losses of two of his starting offensive lineman and good pass-catching back. RB Kevin Faulk, G Stephen Neal and G Nick Kaczur either early in the season or before the season started.

Yet, Brady was good enough to lead the team to 11th in passing yards and 9th in rushing yards. Lucky for the run defense, the Patriots were usually ahead, forcing opponents to throw the ball to catch up.

To recap, the Patriots were average  in everything except leadership and passing.

When the Jets match-up with the Pats, it’s pretty evident they match-up very well.

Mark Sanchez is able to take advantage of bad pass defenses, and he did so by throwing for 194 yards and 3 TDs. The Jets also rush for the 4th most yards in the league, which should take advantage of the average Patriots run defense. The Jets also are a great all-around defense, which should hold the Patriots in check somewhat, especially when the Pats aren’t in the top 5 in either passing or rushing.

We should’ve seen this coming. If that’s not enough, lets look at some positional matchups.

  • Patriots Passing Attack vs Jets Secondary – Push
  • Patriots Run Game vs Jets Front 7 – Jets
  • Patriots Offensive Line vs Jets Defensive Line – Jets
  • Jets Passing Attack vs Patriots Secondary – Jets
  • Jets Rushing Attack vs Patriots Front 7 – Jets
  • Jets Offensive Line vs Patriots Defensive Line – Jets

The Patriots thrived on winning the close game against good teams, but the Jets were just too much for them here.

We need to give Rex Ryan credit for coming up with a perfect, yet simple gameplan. But it really only took utilizing the Jets personnel to win the game. When the Jets were getting a pass rush against Brady with 3 rushers, you knew the Pats were in trouble.

Now the Jets have to play the Steelers, and I warn you, Mr. Ryan. If you trash talk the Steelers, you will regret it. The Pats might not have been able to shove it in your face this time, but 9 times out of 10, they will.


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