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Weekly Dose 1-16

I am very excited to announce that the Flag Football League is up on the web. Check it out here: Andy did a great job on it.

The draft has been set for March 20th, and will be broadcast live on our webshow page. It looks like it’s going to be one heck of a time.

We currently have 5 teams, but an advertisement will be posted in the Emery Enterprise in the coming weeks, in case there are some older people wanting in. They won’t be a part of the draft, and will be able to gather their own team.

This looks to be an awesome time and I hope you guys are looking forward to as much as I am!

Anyways, on with the show…

  • The Cincinnati Reds finally signed Joey Votto to a 3 year contract. This really worries me because the Reds controlled him through arbitration the next 3 years anyway. It looks to me like Votto doesn’t want to be here longer than those 3 years, but might as well hold out hope. Maybe Yonder Alonso will be able to fill the void when or if he leaves? I would be a fan of moving Votto to the weak Reds outfield, and bring up Alonso to play 1st, because he can’t sit in AAA any longer, he’s ready.
  • The Bears pulled out the win today. I hate to say I told you so, all you Seahawk enthusiasts, but I told you so. The Seahawks earned the win last week, but to say they were going to win again is just off the map.
  • Again, hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. The Steelers beat the Baltimore Ravens today, and remain my Super Bowl pick.
  • Let’s do it one more time. I said I didn’t think the Patriots had a well-rounded enough team to win the Super Bowl or make it, and today’s loss assured that. However, I did miss the pick by going with the Pats, but the Jets are going down this week anyway. I think.
  • The Packers beat the Falcons, and this assured that the Falcons weren’t as pretty as meets the eye. Many people agreed with me on this one, and it’s conforting knowing we were actually right.
  • The Clippers have won 4 out of their last 5, including impressive wins over the Nuggets, Heat and Lakers. Could they be for real? I don’t think so, even bad teams have winning streaks at random times. However, the Clips are headed in the right direction. Hopefully management doesn’t screw over Blake Griffin by continuing to suck.
  • The Twins have signed Jim Thome to a 1 year deal. This is a great move for the Twins, who could use Thome’s power after a comeback season last year. Low risk, high reward deal.
  • The Man, Albert Pujols, could actually hit the market next summer, setting a deadline for the Cards to resign him by the start of spring training. Boy this could be a shakeup, let’s just hope that the Red Sox or Yankees don’t sign him.

I don’t have much for today, but enjoy it. Or hate it, which seems more likely. Anyways, have fun being cool.


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