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Potential NFC Championship

Just imagine a Packers vs. Bears NFC Championship Game at Soldier Field. The oldest rivarly in the NFL. Two teams looking to take the next step towards the ultimate goal, the Super Bowl.

Well, that dream match-up has become a reality this week. The Bears will take on the visiting Seahawks after a first round bye, and the Packers will go to Atlanta today as the hot 6th seed after defeating #3 seed Philadelphia 22-16 in the Wild Card round.

You would think the Bears have the easier route, facing Seattle at home. But, as the Saints learned last week, don’t underestimate this Seahawks team. The Packers have the tougher match-up, having to go to Atlanta, where Matt Ryan is 20-2 in his career. But Ryan has  yet to find his first playoff victory.

To figure out how rare this really would be if they would both make the NFC Championship, you just have to look at the history. Only once have these two rivals met in the playoffs, and that was back in 1941. It resulted in a 33-14 victory for the Bears. The Packers and Bears have only been in the playoffs at the same time four other times, not including this year. Just how rare it would be, along with it being the oldest rivarly in the NFL, makes this potential NFC Championship a dream game for any football fans, especially Bears and Packers fans.

Bears fan who had already bought tickets to Soldier Field for the Seattle game have begun selling their tickets and buying them for the NFC Championship because of this dream showdown.

Will this really happen? If you’re a fan of the NFL, if you want to see a big game to decide who goes to the Super Bowl, if you want to see the biggest game of the year, then you will cheer for the Packers and Bears to move on, and watch the two teams from the oldest rivarly in the NFL duke it out for a chance to play in the Super Bowl.


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