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Hey Everyone! We had a great show tonight, and I am loving our new direction we’re headed in. You can check out the show here:

I’ve added the old forum back onto this site so that we don’t have to start all over again, so that should be great.

I’d also like to welcome a couple new writers to the staff, Josh Eberley and Joey Vigneault. This should further enhance our already vast number of subjects we write about and be able to pump out more articles. Adding new writers also gives us the ability to make more cool reads by possibly opening up a Power Rankings section, Fantasy Mailbag and give us more options to work our show with.

For you locals out there that are reading, Miller and I are looking to write more stories for the Huskies, congrats on the win against Freeman, and maybe we’ll be looking to make a football preview for the upcoming fall.

We’ll try and get the forum active again and I invite you guys to keep reading and feel free to comment away. Feel free to offer some suggestions on some topics you would like us to write about or just some fantasy advice at our new email:

Have a nice night!


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