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Weekly Points

  • I went 0-4 in my picks over the weekend. That’s just pitiful. It’s put me on a bad streak for picks, but I must continue. I’ll have my picks later in the week, most likely on Friday, but for now, I must cry in my struggles.
  • Saints @ Seahawks – This was a heck of a game to watch. If Lynch doesn’t make that historic run, the Seahawks undoubtedly lose that game. It’s gonna be much tougher going against the Bears at Soldier Field, but maybe they can make it close. You can check out my rant for the Seahawks, here.
  • Jets @ Colts – My AFC Champion pick is looking pretty, uh, much like a long shot. I don’t think the Colts are quite gonna make it anymore. That doesn’t mean that I’m anointing the Jets, just relishing in my disaster of a weekend.
  • Ravens @ Chiefs – This was possibly my worst pick of the round. I was very sure that the Chiefs were going to win going against Baltimore. Evidentally none of the Chiefs thought they could. Cassel, with 7 picks all year, throws 3 and totals 70 passing yards. Are you kidding me? I know the Ravens D is good, but it’s not that impressive.
  • Packers @ Eagles – The Packers definitely earned that game. There’s not much more to that one. I think the Pack finally developed into the team we thought they were going to be.
  • Here’s what I don’t get, and maybe I just haven’t read too far into it. Boise St. is moving to the Mountain West when their two best teams, TCU and Utah, are both moving to the Big East and Pac – 10, respectively. They’re moving into a worse conference! If anyone can explain this to me, please do.
  • Carmelo Anthony might be going to the New Jersey Nets, but Billups wants his outright release (buyout), if he gets traded there. This can’t end well.
  • The Cincinnati Bearcats finally lost their first game yesterday to Villanova,72-61. It’s about time someone took them out. They could only keep playing D-3 schools for so long. I wouldn’t be surprised if they miss the Big Dance yet again, but this may be the year.
  • Chris Collinsworth is the best announcer in recent memory. I don’t get why so many people knock on him. He obviously recognizes the situation and gives insightful advice that no other announcer can come close to.
  • Ted Williams. If you haven’t heard about him already, youtube him. He just got an offer to be the Cavs PA announcer. He has the golden voice? Yes he does, it’s amazing.
  • Oh, and I almost forgot, the BCS Title game is tonight. Miller took Oregon and I took Auburn. I would usually say go with Miller’s pick because I suck, but when we picked out of a hat, Auburn won. So it’s 2-1 for Auburn. This will be one of the greatest games in the past 10 years. I think Auburn will have to come back from a deficit, I’m just not sure they will be able to stop Oregon to do it.

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