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Quick BCS Game Preview

I’m just going for the quick preview, because when teams are this good, it’s no use over-analyzing it.

 This game really is something else. Just a matchup between 2 mega-machines which could go down as one of the best championship games in history. There really isn’t much use in delving into statistics because they both are amazing, but I’ll do a little anyway. On paper, Oregon looks better, they score more points, give up less, gain more yards, etc… but Auburn plays in the SEC. That said, I figured let’s still look at the points for and against for each team when playing a ranked or ranked at the time opponent:

Oregon (3 games):

51 ppg

30.6 ppg/a

In their lone top 10 game against Stanford, they gave up 31 points, right where their average is, and scored 52, also right at their average. The level of difficulty doesn’t faze them. They bring it against everyone.

Auburn (5 games):

41.6 ppg

26.2 ppg/a

In the span where they played 2 top 10 teams (Bama and LSU), no one scored more than 28 points, proving even though the D doesn’t look quite as good as Oregon’s, they come to play in big games.

My gut tells me that Auburn is going to win because of Cam Newton’s composure (Alabama game), but my brain tells me that Oregon runs away with it by a couple touchdowns, but I’ve learned over the years to go with your gut instinct, and that is Auburn. I am torn. Auburn 42 – 41.


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