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Seahawks Earn Their Stripes

Sorry everyone, but this is just a rant. Completely a rant, and it’s not out of anger or criticism, like most rants are, but in admiration. The Seattle Seahawks earned their stripes today, not only defeating the New Orleans Saints, but completely defying the odds. Granted the Saints were 0-3 in true road games, but is that really enough to make you think the defending super bowl champs will lose to the Seahawks.

With every game like this, there are bound to be that 5% that pick the Seahawks to win (Seahawk fans) and another 5% (NFL fan bystander), but when you are overcoming 90% of people that think you are going to lose, that really is something.

One of the biggest reasons they took care of the Seahawks is their 12th man, Qwest Field. The Saints had 3 false starts, and clearly was rattling them.

Another great thing that came out of the win is the performance by Matt Hasselbeck and Brandon Stokley, totaling 24 years of NFL experience between the two. Stokley came up with huge receptions in critical spots, and Hasselbeck never wavered, playing like he was 26. When Lynch broke off that once in a lifetime run, I almost started streaking around my house I was so excited (I know I’m weird, but feel free to tell me anyway.)

I also am man enough to admit that I was wrong. 7-9 teams do deserve to get a home game in the playoffs. Those teams may not have the best record, but in the Seahawks case, they rallied and persevered when they needed to the most, and won the division. Now they come out and beat the Saints. I don’t care the record, I’m just super excited for the team and city!

When the Seahawks play their next game, I think it goes without speaking that they have a complete lack of intensity and fire, as they’ve used it all up this game. I’m very afraid that they will get demolished by 21 plus, but Seattle, know that I am pulling for you from the comfort of my couch. You have deserved it all. You are the underdog/Cinderella story that everyone loves.


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