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Marvin is Staying? Be Positive

Marvin Lewis just signed his extension to make him the longest tenured coach in Bengals history, past Sam Wyche and the Legendary Paul Brown. However, does he really fit into those categories? He is 60-69-1 and has led the team into the playoffs a mere 2 times. He doesn’t have a playoff win and is coming off a dismal 4-12 season.

The big issues that kept Lewis from signing an extension a year ago were the lack of an indoor training facility, a measly one full time scout, and the lack of power that he had into making personnel decisions. I don’t believe that he would’ve come back had he not gotten more personnel decisions, so this actually might be going in the right direction.

Ever since Mike Brown has taken over the Bengals, he has not hired a general manager. He mainly makes all the decisions himself. I think it speaks for itself by saying he hasn’t done a good job. The Bengals have made the playoffs just twice in the last 20 years. With Marvin Lewis looking like he’s getting more power, this could be a turning point for the Bengals, with people just not knowing it yet.

Lewis staying also means that Carson Palmer isn’t going anywhere, Ochocinco and T.O. are both gone, and the Bengals aren’t getting ready for a roster shakeup. Brown believes that a winning team is currently intact, and only a few minor adjustments are needed to get to the playoff form they were last year.

In the draft, it looks like the Bengals would select WR AJ Green out of Georgia , with the top 2 receivers most likely leaving. It doesn’t look like they’ll have a void at wideout though, because former 2nd round pick Jerome Simpson had 277 receiving yards in the final three games. Another big need is defensive end, with Da’Quan Bowers out of Clemson most likely there, but with the emergence of Carlos Dunlap (9.5 sacks), one could wonder if they will switch away from that direction. Another glaring need is safety, but with the fourth pick in the draft, it is likely they will address that need in the 2nd round or later.

Marvin is staying, but this could mean great things for the future of the franchise.


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